The 10 best places to raise an LDS family outside of Utah

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 24 2010 9:05 p.m. MST

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Fishers, IN

"The 10 best places to raise an LDS family outside of Utah." It's presumptuous to assume that Utah is necessarily the best, or among the best, places to raise an LDS family, simply because of it pro-LDS demographics.

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

I think this study completely the measured the wrong data sets. What matters more: that your neighbor is a single mother, or that your kids don't have to go over three school districts to find another LDS kid to go to the prom with? The fact that Gilbert and Mesa aren't on here, but two cities in Iowa are make this whole "study" laughable and show the weaknesses of quantitative studies in the first place--that we presume the factors that are being measured are the ones that actually yield an accurate result. This is a classic case of failing to pick the right variables.

Angleton, TX

I like reading Deseret News. I like your website better than the local paper. This article, though, is not one of the most professional I have seen. I don't understand what the cities you have chosen have to do with raising an LDS family. I have lived most of my life outside of Utah, except for my BYU years, and one year about 15 years ago. I now live south of Houston and have raised two beautiful daughters, and am still raising two wonderful sons. We have not been scarred. In fact, I have learned a lot more about the world around me, and its people. I love the faith of those around me, even if their faith is not the same as mine. There are great examples to be found everywhere. The LDS people here are wonderful and full of faith, just like the many I have met in Utah and outside of Utah. Life, really, is what we make of it.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

For what it's worth, both Iowa City and Ames, IA have LDS stakes centered within them. But there are some quirky things here, too. Emphasizing school quality and student/teacher ratios is laughable when you realize how little attention these measurements get in Utah. And State College, PA contains one of the nation's hardest-drinking colleges, with the University of Iowa not far behind. No doubt Gilbert and Mesa are great places - once you become accustomed to living in a desert. BTW, is it possible that Mormon kids could have a hard time in Lynchburg, VA, the home of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University?

Colorado Springs, CO

In considering another locale to which to move, I consider the distance to a temple as central to family needs. In your survey, other than the Idaho location, none were within what would seem easy driving distance to a temple...

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

This article has been brought to you by the state chambers of commerce of Idaho, Iowa and Virginia.

Aurora, CO

Of all the places we have lived in my military career, I found that the best place to raise an LDS family is...............your home. Your home is the most important place, it should be the center of your life, and where the Gospel should be the focus and taught every day. Your home is far more important than your zip code.

West Valley City, UT

I am thinking that if it really "takes a village to raise a child", I'm going to raise my child in the village with a high percentage of children living with both married, biological parents, low crime rate, low unemployment rate, a low student-teacher ratio, and a high percentage of high school and college graduates. These cities can be the ideal place for raising any child, but as Jack said, the village only supports what is already being taught in the home!

Brooklet, GA

While no survey is perfect, this one is informative and useful. I was trying to decide between 3 different locations for retirement, and this tips the balance way, way in favor of Harrisonburg. I may not be raising a family, but I want to live in an environment where LDS values are easiest to uphold. One of my sons, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren are there and I am glad they are, even if they are not LDS - yet! :)

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