Top 29 high schools based on 2011 graduation rates in Utah

Published: Monday, May 21 2012 4:37 p.m. MDT

Stansbury High School
According to the Utah State Office of Education, high school graduation rates are on the rise from 2008-2011, by 7 percent, putting Utah at a 76 percent graduation rate and 33rd in the nation. Within Utah, many high schools boast even higher graduation rates. The following is a list based on the Utah State Office of Education's 2011 data on the top 29 Utah high schools by graduation rate.
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Go Utes!
Springville, UT

So, Deseret News has no real pictures of the Springville High School in Utah? What state is this Springville in?

Tooele, UT

Wait. Math doesn't check out on these. Piute had a graduating class of 25 with 95% graduating? Was there a siamese twin that didn't make it?

Highland, UT

I give zero credence to this fact for most districts. But, I guess those small schools can feel good ;).

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Let's here it for Washington County!

Wasatch Front, UT

Utah's schools are failing too many students. Key problems:
1) They are underfunded, prompting districts to have too many young, inexperienced teachers in the classroom, and too large of class sizes.
2). We are weak in math and science. When adjusted for demographics, we are at or below average in these key 21st century subjects.
3). Their is too much emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities and too little attention paid to basic core subjects such as math, English (particularly writing dn reading proficiency) and science. There is also a dearth of training in critical thinking skills.

Unless Utah gets serious about education, we will continue to turn out too many students without the skills to support a family.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

This list begs the question of what are the worst schools? If the state wide rate is in the 70's and all these schools are in the 90's I want to know who is bringing the average down so low.


Fact. The picture of Bountiful High School is more than 30 years old. Wow.

West Jordan, UT

This has little to do with the schools than it does the parents. Schools will never be able to force students to attend, do the work and graduate; that task lies solely with the student and the parents. As more and more parents disengage from their children's lives (whether it is for work or play) you will see more and more failure among the rising generation. The headline should be reworded to read "Top 29 high school areas where parents care about their kid's education."

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

If Manila graduated 17 of 18 students, that is 94.4 percent. Round down, and move them down the list, DNews.!

Fuzzy math here.

Woods Cross, UT

Sad. The pictures are either horribly outdated (Bountiful) or the shots are of weird parts of the campus (What are we looking at in Stansbury?). When the newspaper producing the article cares so little about these institutions to produce such a slopshod article, it is little wonder why the people of Utah have such outlandish notions about public education.

C'mon DesNews! Take education seriously. We want to know WHY these institutions are successful when others are failing.

I am connected with the Davis High community, and I'll suggest three reasons why Davis High is successful. First, and most important, is community/parental support. Second, a faculty that demands excellence. Third, an administration that understands the learning process and helps make the classroom/athletic experience positive.

If your school is not on the list, then I would suggest that you do something about it. Parents usually get what they demand. If you want an excellent school, start making phone calls to the district offices. Attend public meetings. AND make sure that your child has their homework done. Because real education starts in the home.

South Jordan, UT

If I were a teacher, I would move to one of the schools. The parents make the schools better by demanding more. These schools have quite a bit in common. Not to sound biased but most of the schools mentioned on the Wasatch front are schools that are in higher rent areas. I didn't see any of the schools from the West except Bingham. Interesting.

What is more impressive. A 90% graduation with over 750 kids graduating or a 95% with 25 kids graduating?

Which schools didn't make the grade?

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Any education discussion and out come the "underfunding police".

Maybe those same people could explain why other cities and States who spend ALOT more per pupil can't even come close to these graduation rates?

So this begs the question...if you suddenly decide to pay teachers more money do they show up the next year better able to motivate and inspire your student?

The question is silly and the answer is obvious.

Ask BB how it worked out for them to pay top salaries to their executives and board members in order to attract "top talent". Despite all the money spent, as of today, they are now losing money every day after having a 70 Billion dollar market cap a couple of years ago. Stock was briefly suspended trading yesterday while the dire news was released.

Money is not the solution to everything.

Mcallen, TX


Blaming of under funding, parents, and inexperienced teachers area political excuses.

It’s like Obama blaming the rich or George Bush for our weak economy.

It all comes down to centralized power and wasteful spending.

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