Top LDS news stories of 2010

Published: Friday, Dec. 31 2010 12:29 p.m. MST

Laura Seitz, AP Photo
Worldwide humanitarian relief efforts, temples and missionary work lead the list of noteworthy Mormon-related events of 2010. In voting among Deseret News editors and writers, the LDS Church's efforts to send aid to countries such as Haiti, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras and others after natural disasters made it this year's top story. At No. 2 were the announcements, groundbreakings and dedications of temples. The No. 3 story involved the expansion of missionary work into countries like Angola and Burundi, the formation of a new stake in Uganda and the increase in missions worldwide.
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Kenneth in Texas
Killeen, TX

Why is Elizabeth Smart's testimony listed as an LDS News Story? Just because she is LDS and serving an LDS Mission has nothing to do with her kidnapping or testimony in Federal Court. What if a similar thing had happened to a Catholic or Jewish girl? Would there be quite so much media attention, at least in Utah?

Stockton, UT

I agree that the Elizabeth Smart case is not an "LDS" news story.

However, I believe that the story would have generated every bit as much attention both locally and nationally had she been a member of any other (or even no) religious denomination. It is just too compelling of a story, too good of an ending, too hopeful not to garner a lot of attention.

Yakima, WA

These were just Mormon "feel-good" stories, not news. So why didn't they include things like the Provo tabernacle fire (it was worthy of the world's only funeral for a lost building, after all), and the striking of racist language in Book of Mormon chapter headers?

Sandy, UT

Why did they do this? Why didn't they do that?

Why didn't all these people who write this stuff start their own newspapers or become journalists. Because they would rather sit behind their monitors undetected and whine about someone else's work. 2011 won't be any better.

Kenneth in Texas
Killeen, TX

I totally agree with "Considering" in Stockton. Elizabeth Smart's religion is irrelevant. All the more reason it is not an LDS news story.

Sandy, UT

Ummm....did anyone notice Brian Mitchell had been L.D.S. and tried to use L.D.S. doctrine (though a twisted version) to justify his actions? Church critics used him and his words to claim that L.D.S Church teachings were responsible for his evil acts, while Latter-day Saints pointed to Elizabeth as the real example of "Mormon" thought and behavior. Almost every national news story referred to the religious beliefs of both these individuals.

Rexburg Reader
Rexburg, ID

Can't believe growth and innovation at BYU-Idaho didn't make your list. The dedication of the BYU-Idaho Center alone would have been a worthy inclusion. The combination 15,000 seat state-of-the-art auditorium and activities center large enough for 10 basketball courts will have far reaching implications for the school and the Church in general.

Alexandria, VA

These are all interesting, but perhaps next year you may want to ask your readers for some input and then make your decision. I would absolutely agree with "Rexburg Reader" that items such as were suggested in that submission deserve to be on the list and with all due respect "Elizabeth Smart" does not.

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