Top NBA floppers

Published: Monday, May 14 2012 1:24 p.m. MDT

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Some people blame Vlade Divac for the flopping epidemic sweeping across the NBA. Divac was one of the first Europeans to come to the NBA. Divac made a name for himself flopping. He flopped for the Lakers for years, but later used his flopping against Shaq and the Lakers.
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Orem, UT

The WORST flopper in the league by far is Manu Ginobilli. I've seen him cover the entire length of the court in one ridiculous flop. He's infected his team and has made watching San Antonio as fun as drinking lumpy, sour milk. It makes me sick every time he does it, and then when he doesn't get the call, he complains. It truly is nauseating.

I think he's the one that's brought flopping to the NBA. He gets away with it so much that it's forced the hand of many other good players. It's a disease but it continues to be condoned by the refs. As soon as they see someone flop to the floor, a foul is called. And if you flail your hands and arms, contort your face into something out of Scary Movie 3, and/or go into convulsions on the floor, you're SURE to get a call. It's ugly and it's cheating. Everyone can see it and no one likes it. It's so obvious! There has to be something done to eradicate it.

Bountiful, UT

I wonder why Kobe isn't on this list. Ever watch him force a shot while being guarded very tightly and he'll flail his arms and legs like he just got hammered even though the defender played him straight up and didn't go for his ball fakes, etc. Then when he doesn't get the call (on the RARE occasion) he'll give the ref an earful walking back up the court.

He should be high on this list.

Unca Bon

I agree with some of the players here, but am utterly shocked that Derek Fisher did not make the list. I would definitely give him the gold medal for flopping. Robert Horry was a pretty big flopper too...

San Jose, CA

Stockton a flopper it must be when he went down low and picked Barkly, Robinson, and Olawian.

South Jordan, UT

I am a Jazz fan and I can say it Stockton and Malone were very very good at flopping but they did not hold a candle to boozer


I don't see Battier as a pure flopper. There's a major difference between flopping and having good awareness to be in good defensive position to draw a foul. Drawing fouls should not be synonymous with flopping. Battier in my mind is simply a smart defender. The worst floppers in the league right now have to be Ginobili and Parker with the Spurs.

Kearns, UT

Ahh flopping. I perfected it in the mid 70's playing church basketball. I'd initiate the contact and then flop. Got a lot of calls too. One of my flops my team mates called the "swan dive". Let's just say, I got a lot of free throws. And I was a center.

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