Who is donating the most money to Obama's Super Pac?

Published: Monday, May 21 2012 6:58 a.m. MDT

Evan Vucci, AP
See who is giving the most money to Romney's Super PAC Who has donated the most money to President Barack Obama's super PAC? Priorities USA Action, the political action committee that supports Pres. Obama, has received more than $8.4 million in contribution, according to OpenSecrets. The Deseret News compiled information from OpenSecrets.org to find the biggest donors to Obama's Super PAC.
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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

by the company they keep you will know them. really sterllar group obama. unions and actors, now that is hope and change.


Actors? Who?

Two comedians, two movie moguls, (Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg), and two unions out of 17 listed contributors. So who were the other 13 peole?

How refreshing not to see any Wall Street banks among the top contributors.....

Mcallen, TX

Re-electing Obama? That's like putting the Titanic in reverse and hitting the iceberg again.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I wonder how many of Obama's supporters and donors are "corporate raiders", or are successful because of such a business?

bob j
Bli Bli, Queensland

I liked the way WORF put things. He /she certainly pushed the right button there. Although I am in Australia, I am following the election as close as possible for it is not only the USA which will be affected, but all the earth. The future hangs a lot on the result.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

As of Sunday, at least 30 billionaires — 7.5% of the Forbes 400 — had donated money to Restore Our Future, a Mitt Romney-backing super PAC, either personally, through their companies or both. This is just one of his pac's

Hedge fund follows most of the names listed, go figure.

No surprise here, those who stand to benefit the most, know who will do their bidding.

Mitt has nothing to offer working Americans, except giving more of their earnings back to their bosses!

Millie Bess

WORF said all that needs to be said! I wholeheartedly agree!

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Hey WORF, that is exactly what Romney wants to do, put the ship of state in reverse. But Bush was the captain when the ship first slammed the berg, was he not?

Blackwell, OK

To Mike in Cedar City - Right on! How soon the Reps forget about Bush and the damage he did. Any Dem looked good with a McCain/Palin ticket. But Oklahoma is more Red than Utah so I have no voice in the dialogue.

Mcallen, TX

Mike in Cedar City,

Give some evidense of Romney wanting to reverse the ship.


The George Bush excuses are expired. It's time Obama takes some responsibility. That's what good leaders do. Quit blaming.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

WORF, You gotta be kidding. Consider the following Romney/Bush positions. Overturn Dodd Frank to allow Wall Street unfettered ability to do casino type investments. Overturn OBama Care so that health insurance companies can go back to denying coverage due to pre existing conditions. Go back to Reaganomics, by maintaining the Bush tax cut is the face of a serious problem with the deficit, largely created by the txx cuts, and two unfunded wars.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

worf, He wants to return us to Bush era Reaganomics, i.e. supply side or trickle down. He wants to undo the Affordable Heath Care Act. He want to repeal Dodd Frank and return to a largely unregulated Wall Street. He want to make Russia the boggy man again in foreign policy. He wants to maintain the Bush tax cuts which are due to expire, and he wants to do that in the face of massive deficits mostly ran up during the Bush years because of 2 un paid for wars, the tax cuts, and an unfunded addition to Medicare (the part D plan) All these things caused the Ship to hit the Berg. It was not Obama.

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