Want to get ahead in life? Here are the best and worst economically mobile states

Published: Wednesday, May 16 2012 8:44 a.m. MDT

Laura Trinnaman, Deseret News
Knowing if the workforce has the ability to move up or down gives indication of how the nation is doing as a whole. Eight states led the nation in being a top economic mobile state, while most southern states scored the lowest, according to a study conducted by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Here's a look at the study.
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UT educator

This is not a comment on the content but the presentation.

Why can't we see the entire article when trying to read on-line?! The article appears in 20 segments (in powerpoint mode)!

Eureka, UT

Interesting article but I don't know if some will like the conclusions I get. The top states, with the exception of Utah are union states. The bottom states are non-union states. Maybe the reason Utah is part of the top states is because it is not openly hostile to unions and the culture of the state allows for many of the benefits of unions to exist in the job environment, meaning respect for workers, and communication within a company.

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