Ten most influential Utahns of 2010

Published: Thursday, Dec. 30 2010 8:07 a.m. MST

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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Amid a wave of voter discontent and Tea Party support, Lee ousted incumbent Bob Bennett to become the youngest elected member of the U.S. Senate, at age 39. He hopes to balance the budget, impose term limits, and limit the size and scope of the federal government during his tenure in office.
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Layton, UT


Cedar City, UT

I find it utterly appalling that the Utah media continues to heap praise upon Jeremy Johnson when he's facing such serious charges. If they are true, it is a pretty black eye on the entire state.

Cedar City, UT

Mike Lee? Are you kidding me? Would Tim Bridgewater have been first if he had won?

Kearns, UT

You guys blew it. Hands down the most influential Utahn is Thomas S. Monson. Lee would be #2. The dude driving the heavy equipment wouldn't even be on the list, although he did make a significant contribution.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Who put Luz Robles name in the hat? just because she supports illegal immigration?

Clark Griswold
Cedar City, UT

Jeremy Johnson? Well, if you mean that giving the Attorney General $50,000 to keep him off your back is an effective strategy, then yeah, I guess that's influential.

Salt Lake City, UT

"He hopes to balance the budget, impose term limits, and limit the size and scope of the federal government during his tenure in office."

How many politicians have run on this platform? How many of them have actually done it? Nice job pandering to the right-wing sheeple of Utah Mike. Now go back there and actually try to do something about it. You'll find out quickly how much clout a jr. Senator from Utah has in Washington.

Gretchen Eames
Salt Lake City, UT

What has Mike Lee influenced?

Murray, UT

If you are going to put Robles on the list please list her accomplishments.
1- Best representative of the Mexican government in Utah.
2- Dumbest proposal of all time, issuing permits for her "people" to break the law.
I guess Sandstrom isn't on the list because he advocates enforcing the law instead of breaking it. This doesn't fit in with the DN amnesty agenda. You must advocate breaking the law and go against the will of the majority of Utahns to be a "hero" obviously, then you are "influential".

West Jordan, UT

Yet, if there was an open primary.Mike Lee would have been trounced by Bennett. Only in Utah does the voice of the people get silenced by those who can manipulate crowds at neighborhood meetings where opposing views easily get shouted down and extreme candidates can get on the ticket.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

Mike Lee? Is this some sort of partisan joke? Most influential? This is baffling as he has done nothing to influence the average Utah citizen.

Ranch Hand
Bountiful, UT

The wannabe helicopter hero? Are we that hard up for "influential Utahns"?

Provo, UT

I'm not sure what Mike Lee has accomplished just yet. His election was certainly noteworthy but to me somebody like Spencer Eccles who brought thousands of jobs to Utah has actually had some influence this year.

Littleton, CO

My vote for #1 would be Elizabeth Smart.

Holladay, UT

Mike Lee ran on the promise to reduce the size of the federal budget. Perhaps he could start by reducing the size of his massive new federal salary and huge federal benefits package -- not to mention his generous government health care plan.

Ontario, Canada
burlington, ontario

Elizabeth Smart should have been #1!!!!!

Cedar, UT

While this is interesting, I hardly think "Most Influential" is the proper terminology for this list. If you want to see who is most influential, ask the heavy equipment operator to make a pronouncement about some political issue and then ask Cardinal Westover to make the same pronouncement and see whose comments are more influential in getting the desired effect. Of course LDS church leaders are all more influential than perhaps most on the list as well.

Bountiful, UT

To put average politicians ahead of great influencial people and examples which we have many in this state puts this whole article in serious question and is your typical media source.
It is not only sad but an embarrassment to the State of Utah.
I am certain if this list was anything correct the writer would be fired.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lee? Lockart? They haven't done anything yet...

Home Town USA, UT

I agree with Flashback's comment. Truly, Thomas S Monson was WAY more than the likes of Ms. Robles. She is not representative of the kind of influence DN readers are interested in to admire, to put her in the list at all is ludicrous.

A retraction and apology expected.

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