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Top 20 NBA free agents the Utah Jazz should target in the 2012 offseason

Published: Thursday, May 10 2012 7:25 p.m. MDT

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The Utah Jazz exceeded expectations in 2012, but there's plenty of room for improvement. A season-ending sweep at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs made that clear. Fortunately, the Jazz have some options, including a trade exception, a slim chance at another lottery pick in the draft, and most importantly, salary cap space. Under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, the NBA's soft salary cap will check in at about $58 million. Currently, the Jazz have about $50 million on the books for next season. (That doesn't include their own free agents: Josh Howard, C.J. Miles, Jamaal Tinsley, Jeremy Evans, and Blake Ahearn.) Traditionally, the Jazz haven't made much of a splash in free agency. It's hard to lure big names to the Beehive State, even with extra cash. (Sorry, Jazz fans -- players like Ray Allen and Jason Terry are not walking through that door.) That being said, with money to throw around, the Jazz could make a play for a few key pieces. Here are a few players on the market that might fit the Jazz's needs. Update: We've extended this list to 20 players, in no particular order. Thanks to Jazz fans and DesNews readers @AllThatAmar and @Peter_J_Novak on Twitter, among others, for the suggestions. (Note: Unrestricted free agents can be signed by any team. Restricted free agents must allow a seven-day period for their current teams to match an offer.)
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no comment
New Orleans, LA

Why not Eric Gordon? Isn't he unrestricted?

Salt Lake City, UT

@no comment
Eric Gordon is restricted.

Orem, UT

I wouldn't take any of them. I hope the Jazz management are not stupid enough to listen to your recommendations. We need to get young, athletic players that have a future, not ones that have had their best days behind them or worse yet, would only be role players that we would have to release when we do have draft picks that are more athletic and have real potential.

South Jordan, UT

I really like Dragic. But if the Jazz pick him up they would have to give up these fabled myths about the pick and roll being too antiquated to run.

Or hopefully they'll at least give up on these myths enough to learn how to actually defend the pick and roll.

Washington, DC

Dragic would be a great point for the Jazz. The type of point they need; always looking to get others involved. Is competitive and wants to win!

Tokyo, Japan

I agree with Goran Dragic...maybe we could do a sign and trade for Eric Gordon?...Al Jefferson + 2nd round picks for Eric Gordon? Trade Harris for a serviceable big who is a good post defender but wont get much of Kanter's increased playing time due to Al going...Probably Asik?

Saint Louis, MO

Dragic, Ilyasova, and Novak are all unrestricted off the list with the rest being restricted. I would like the Jazz to target all three. There present salaries are unbelieveably low at 2 mill and below. Favors and Kanter are getting 4 mill. If they can solved the big money owed for the last year to Jefferson, Harris, Millsap, and Miles; then they would hve quite a team. These three would bring energy and enthusiasm and I believe all three would be interested in playing in Utah. Novak reminds me of Okur. He is 6 ft 10 and shoots threes and would be very hard to stop. Dragic has shown spunk at point guard and Ilyasova is a good rebounder. The problem, however, is the current salaries of the big three. The Jazz could ship them out by agreeing to pay half their salary to another team.

Santa Ana, CA

Too many points. Ilyasova provided us with more size, toughness on D and decent if limited offense. The Jazz must get better Defensively and guard 3s, although Corbin does not seem to care. Novak or Mo Williams would provide critical shooting and scoring off the Bench to try and replace the Korver role. Dragic is creative and Can play. After those 4, I could take or leave the rest

Temecula, CA


Midway, UT

Why can't I just see the list? Why does DesNews now require me to click through 20 pages? Clicking though is not worth my time. Let me know when you fix it into a list as you state...then I'll check it out.

Sturgis, MS

The fellow in New York needs to be added to the list of point guards. I like Dragic. Mo Williams is only interested in a starters job and a big pay day. To get him you would have to commit your future to him. I wish they would trade for Jimmer. I really wish they would cut a deal with AK. Jazz need to go with frontline that they have and spend a lot of time this summer pushing them to work hard and the whole team to learn to hit a free throw. Nash may be more of a possibility than people think. Novak would be nice if he is cheap. Denver has a loaded roster and might let Fernandez go cheap. Corbin needs to learn how to coach. The Jazz have the opportunity to be the best team in basketball. We'll see what they do with it.

South Weber, UT

Anyone but Bell , Miles, and Harris would be a real plus after showing them the door. --what we need is consistency from the Guard line and keep our bigs.
I would like to see AK47 again at a cheap rate,like about 1/10 of his last salary.
Some have suggested a trade for Millsap but he has saved our butts on more than one occasion and it would require brain surgery to even think of trading him, or any of our bigs.
I'd like to have Howard in Jazz colors next year with he and Hayward as captains.They know how to work, always want to improve their game and are natural, positive leaders..
Please drop Bell and CJ-- to me they are a waste of time and $$$.


First, 'there' salaries would indicate location. Should read 'their salaries'. Any suggestion of Al Jefferson leaving is a net LOSER. The best move is having Karl Malone work with Favors and Kanter on conditioning and post moves. Same suggestion with Stockton and whomever we acquire at point. Hornecek was already making great strides on everyones shooting.

West Jordan, UT

I really think that the offensive system needs to change, adding some players would be nice but Dragic or any of these guys won't change the fact that Corbin throws the ball to the post 85% of the time.... Harris and Dragic are similar players, slashing, getting to the basket type players, I think Dragic is a slightly better shooter tho. Anyways, if the Jazz just added plays in the offense to compliment the strength of Harris (iso, slashing, pick and roll) I think Harris is perfectly capable of being our PG, but Jefferson needs to learn that every time that he gets the ball in the post that he does not need to shoot it, especially through a double of triple team.

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