Top list: What mothers want and why you should give it to them

Published: Thursday, May 10 2012 7:08 a.m. MDT

Beth Hall, AP
What mothers do, what they want and why they should get it: Mothers work hard all year long and they deserve at least one day that's all about what they want. Here are some of the tasks mothers perform, what they want for Mother's Day and a little advice to make life a little easier throughout the rest of the year.
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Beautiful article that is sure to thrill every mother. My favorite suggestion was the hand-made cards. It's true that they mean more to a mom that a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's and Co. Thank you for such a well-thought out article that truly reflects the heart and wishes of every mother I know, including myself.

Millie Bess

I love this article! It is so true that the worth of a Mother cannot even be measured. It is a lot of work to be a mother, but also the most rewarding job in the world. I believe that what every mother truly wants is for her children to love her and for them to all be strong, successful, happy individuals! The saddest thing in the world for a mother is to feel unappreciated!

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