Want to get away? Here's how much these family vacation ideas will cost

Published: Friday, May 11 2012 7:05 a.m. MDT

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A family of six, can expect a trip to Paris, France to be pretty expensive, especially if it's for five days and six nights.

The first thing a family needs to plan for is getting there. Flight tickets will cost about $9,555.20 total, according to Delta Vacations. That gets the family there and back.
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South Jordan, UT

Disneyland for $7888 for a family of 6? Only if you are going deluxe. Almost no one would fly a family of 6 from Utah to Disneyland, which is within reasonable driving distance. Take out the airfare, the airport transfers, the baggage fees, and the deluxe hotel, and the price drops considerably. Skip the expensive Disney meal plan and it drops even more. The Meal plan is for small groups, not families of six. Families of six econimize. Bigger families econimize even more.


What a wonderful article! You covered everything a family should consider when planning a great vacation. And thanks for the price estimates. They are very helpful. I found this article to be extremely helpful for my summer plans.

Gainesville, VA

How many families really plan a family trip to Paris? Just curious. I'm also what percentage of people pay cash for their vacations. It would have been more helpful to learn about more realistic vacations - for the average family which by the way makes a median income of just under 50k per year.

Millie Bess

I appreciate the breakdown of each vacation plan but honestly I can't see how a family would want to take an extravagant vacation with the economy being so poor. If I had the money to go to one of these vacation sites, I would pay bills instead.

Evanston, WY

Remind me never to consult this author with vacation plans. I would never be able to afford a vacation. I agree with Z, larger families learn to economize. We took a 2 week vacation with our family of 9 with a week of it at Disneyland and spent about 1/2 of what they said it should cost. need a better example how about almost $90 for six flashlights to camp in the backyard, come on really. If your camping in the back yard to avoid the cost of a vacation, I think you would be ok with some of the less expensive flashlights.

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