Should you get a postnuptial agreement? Ask these questions first

Published: Friday, April 27 2012 3:26 p.m. MDT

Postnuptial agreements are a great way to bring transparency to your marriage and often correct any previous money problems. Some couples are opting for postnuptial agreements. Postnups can cost a lot, as each partner needs a separate counsel to go over documents, not to mention coordinating with tax and accountants and estate planning attorneys. Here's a list of questions people considering a postnup should ask, according to WMUR.
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Millie Bess

All these questions are extremely important, but why should people pay money to draw up a postnuptial when they could draw up a trust or living will and be in the same situation with nearly the cost. I love articles like this that make us rethink!

Salt Lake City, UT

One of the most important things a couple can do is examine how their assets are titled. In cases where each spouse has a family from a previous marriage, they should be especially cautious of holding title in joint tenancy. When a joint tenant dies, the surviving joint tenant becomes the sole owner of the jointly-held assets despite contrary language in the deceased spouse's will or trust. The surviving spouse then can legally disinherit the family of the deceased spouse.

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