Holy Matrimony! How the average wedding cost $27,021 in 2011

Published: Thursday, April 26 2012 3:55 p.m. MDT

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For the first time in three years, wedding spending went up as fewer brides were worried about the state of the economy.

The average couple spent $27,021 on their wedding, 20 percent spent more than $30,000 and 11 percent spent more than $40,000.
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Salt Lake City, 00

Wow! That adds up fast! I read that even though fewer people are getting married, the number one thing influencing that, both for good and for bad, is the man's income. Makes me wonder if more money is being spent on weddings because there are less weddings and those getting married are the ones with more money to spend.

Jeanie b.
Orem, UT

we spent $3,000 on our daughter's wedding just last summer. We wrote a check to our daughter and she decided what she wanted. I was her assistant and consultant, but we took the view that this was her wedding, not ours. Due to job situations this was what we could do - and turns out it was all she needed.

It was beautiful and she was so pleased at how everything turned out - the dress (rented and therefore needed no storing) the delicious cake (made by a local restaurant for much less, looked beautiful and really tasted great!)the reception (held at a beautiful outdoor park for around $400 for the whole facility for the entire day), etc.

What's even better - the happy couple is still happy.

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