What are the best cities for raising a family?

Published: Friday, April 27 2012 2:29 p.m. MDT

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Brian Kelly, AP
Rankings (of 100 largest metros):
Median income: 65
Cost of living index: 6
Housing affordability: 7
Commuting: 22
Percent owning homes: 5 (75%)
Crime: 27
Education: 35

Grand Rapids has multiple furniture making companies and there are several charter schools to supplement the public school system.
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conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

Beautiful picture of Ogden. The downtown "Bud Light" truck is a huge attraction for the city.

Iowa City, IA

That's the best picture you could get of Ogden?

Temecula, CA

Poor picture selection caused by lazy work! The Provo picture does not even show downtown either. Why not show downtown like the other cities? Booze in one city and a Temple in the other? Just plain laziness.


Obviously the DN doesn't like Ogden. Compare the pic's of Ogden vs. Provo.

Ogden, UT

I find it puzzling that someone living in Tooele passes judgement on Ogden. Really?

Ogden is a wonderful place to live and deserves all the accolades it has been receiving the last few years. It also deserves a decent photo in the DesNews. In fact, it deserves a new photo and an apology.


Fantastic article! As a former resident of Ogden and a graduate of Weber State University, I enjoyed the picture of Ogden because I recognized it immediately as the entrance to the Defense Depot, possibly the biggest employer in Ogden. I personally think the picture is a great choice I'm rather surprised at the sensitivity of those who complained. It's rather infantile to make such a fuss over the excellent choice of a picture that they didn't agree with as their choice of ideal representation.

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