Which city is the dirtiest in the country?

Published: Friday, May 4 2012 8:33 a.m. MDT

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Ozone: 3
Year-Round: 1
Short-Term: 1
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Salt Lake City, Utah

And the winner is ..... California. Their legacy is smog, illegal aliens, taxes, and a sea of red ink.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Rifleman you may or may not be right, but I'm not worried about California. I'm worried about Utah. My home state, where I live, where my children live, probably were many of my grandchildren will live. And what are we breathing day in and day out?

We need to make improvements. I'd say emissions inspections might help in some areas, but SLC has that and they're still on the list. So while that helps, and other cities (Logan and Provo?) should consider it, we need a bigger plan.

Or do we resign ourselves to this air because of our geography, our tradition of driving alone so often, and industrial activity?

Washington, UT

What complete nonsense. "dirty" based on what? I've been in dirty cities, Provo, Salt Lake and Logan don't even come close. These lists are worthless.

Farmington, Utah

These three Utah areas mentioned only have short term problems with dirty air, meaning just part of the year. Most of the other cities have year round problems. I'll take Utah with winter inversions to the California year round smog.

OC Surfer
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Actually, not all of California's air is the same. In fact, Orange County located on the coast with ocean breezes, south of LA, has one of the cleanest air in California with Green Days and only a handful of Yellow Days per year, which is cleaner than Salt Lake City. I'd take my beaches, sun, and clean air any day over Utah's winter inversions. :)

In fact, even LA's air is the cleanest in 50 years. At least LA's air is trending better and improving than Utah's air which is becoming more polluted over time...

Bluffdale, UT

Ozone: N/A
Year Round: N/A

This survey is terrible.

Hoosier in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

I served in the Fresno mission. Half of the top ten was in that half of the Central Valley. While there, I developed allergies. When I returned to the (much clearer) Hoosier State--border cities Cincinnati and Louisville notwithstanding (Gary would be there, too, if US Steel was still in existence)--breathing became so much easier.

And now my wife is convinced I'm getting allergies after spending nearly a decade here.

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