A Top 10 hit list in NBA history

Published: Tuesday, April 24 2012 10:30 a.m. MDT

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The most infamous brawl in NBA history started when Indiana's Ron Artest — years before changing his name to Metta World Peace — fouled Detroit's Ben Wallace late in a Nov. 19, 2004 game. Wallace shoved back, other players got involved and Artest wound up lying on the scorer's table. He even put on a pair of headphones at one point, while others on the court continued a battle of mostly words for over a minute. Then a fan threw a beverage on Artest, prompting him and teammate Stephen Jackson to head into the stands. "Someone started trouble," Artest said years later, "but I ended it."
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Roy, UT

Violence in NBA is a turnoff to me, I don't see BB as intended to be a boxing/wrestling sport, would love to see a return to emphises of skills other than brute force.

David King
Layton, UT

I'm surprised to not see included on this list the Hakeen Olajuwon punch taken by Billy Paultz. I know it going's back a bit, but it was a cheap shot if ever there was one. I don't remember it personally, because I wasn't born, but I still hear people talking about it, and how the punch ignited the Jazz to victory, while deflating the Rockets and their fans.

Saint George, UT

How is the Smith-Griffin play on here?? Griffin flopped like he always does and you put it the top ten of NBA history? What a joke

Provo, UT

Ron Artest's name change leads to some ironic situations. "World Peace throws another punch!"

Spanish Fork, UT

You forgot the dog pile where Danny Ainge tried to bite off Tree Rollin's finger after Rollin's tried to gouge out Danny's eyes.

Spanish Fork, UT

Oops, correct that, Tree bit Danny.

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it interesting that if you go back and watch each of these incidents on YouTube, you'll notice that whoever wrote the little snippets accompanying each photo on this story lifted heavily (i.e. plagiarized) from each announcer. Also, the Rodman kick to the groin of the cameraman was a classic.


Nothing on Karl Malone directly going after Isiah Thomas at the Delta Center and opening up his head? Look, I loved, love, and will always love the Mailman, but that was a horrible cheap shot in revenge for Thomas lighting Stockton up weeks earlier in Detroit. Come on D-News.

Saratoga, UT

And no inclusion of the cheap shot from Shaq on Ostertag? Fred Flintstone cold on the floor was a classic!

Snowflake, AZ

What about Karl Malone knocking out David Robinson with an elbow? He was unconscious before he hit the ground, landing on his face. World Peace throws a viscious elbow, but it doesn't pack the punch that the Mailman's did. Karl was suspended and David accepted his apology.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Did anybody else notice how many of these involved the LA Lakers? Lakers fans wonder why people hate the Lakers.

Salt Lake City, UT

AZnewser, I challenge you to find an watch the video of the Malone-Robinson play.

Robinson was on Karl's right hip, arm extended, trying to deny the ball. The pass went to Karl's left arm -- the opposite side Robinson was on. Karl whirled left -- away from Robinson -- and Robinson moved quickly from Karl's right to his left, directly into Karl's elbow as he spun. There was zero, ZERO intent or malice on that play. There was no way Karl would even know Robinson had moved from Karl's right to his left.

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