Worst jobs top list: 49 that are better than being a lumberjack

Published: Friday, April 13 2012 8:07 a.m. MDT

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
The job market is showing improvement, but which jobs are the best? Which ones are the worst? CareerCast.com, a job searching and posting website, compiled a list of the best and worst jobs. The ranking of the jobs is based on an analysis of income, stress, work environment, physical demands, and hiring outlook. Click here to check out the 50 best jobs of 2012 Here are other employment articles: • Thousands of positions available for jobless UtahnsUtah's low unemployment numbers hide job deficitWhy unemployment may never drop to 5 percent
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Salt Lake City, UT

What a useless report!

There is no guide as to the meaning of the various numbers associated with the jobs! Is a higher number good or bad? Where does the number fit in the range?

To the reporter, please try to make your report more meaningful.


So how do I become a conservationist? :)

Sense Maker

Why didn't teacher come up on the list? Has the reporter ever evaluated the stress level of teachers in inner city schools? From personal experience I know that there is very little support from administrators or parents for teachers. Teachers have to deal with refugees from violent backgrounds, and teach in classrooms where 20 different languages are spoken at home. And there is also the threat of students bringing weapons to school or physically attacking the teacher. At least soldiers and policemen ( some of the worst jobs listed) have weapons to protect themselves. They also make more than teachers. And if one substitute teaches (which I am currently doing) the stress is tenfold.


My, my! I'm amazed at the smugness of "samhill" in attempting to diminish Blaze Bullock by calling his article "useless," when in fact it is very well done and provides a wealth of useful information for those who know how to read the statistics listed. The obvious comparison of the numbers in each bracket as they compare to the numbers in the final brackets gives a strong indication of how the numbers relate and how they are to be interpreted. And obviously, the higher the numbers the better, since Mr. Bullock stated right in his title that the other 49 jobs were more desirable than being a lumberjack, which was rated as the lowest of the top 50 worst jobs. Sadly, it's quite telling that samhill was unsure of how to read the statistics in the article. My sympathies, to you, samhill, for your nasty disposition and grumpy attitude. May something wonderful happen to you today to change your arrogant and negative method of communication. You owe Blaze Bullock an apology.

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