Top List: Cutting manicures, other monthly costs, means $50,000 or more at retirement

Published: Wednesday, April 11 2012 9:29 a.m. MDT

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Monthly Cost: $49
IRA Balance by retirement: $55,764
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You cannot claim savings of $XX by using UTA over national gas prices. Compare UTAH gas prices and average commute distances and even average miles per gallon of the average vehicle registered in Utah come up with what UTAHNS spend on average, then see how much savings there would be with a UTA pass over THAT. Probably not the $173 you are claiming. I commute farther than most and I barely SPEND $173 in gas.

Other than that, I think the point is that things can be cut out and that doing so makes a large impact on retirement (which is true).

Fern RL

I agree that the numbers don't seem to agree in computing the savings of UTA over gas prices. The way I figure it, you would have to travel more than 22.5 miles to work, be paying more than $4 a gallon for gas, getting worse than 20 mpg, or working more than 5 days a week to do better than break even with the monthly fare. What happens if you need to take sick leave or want to go on vacation? I think it is much more economical to carpool. And that is if you are both a commuter and a consumer. If you are a consumer that doesn't commute to a daily job, it makes very little sense to pay full price for a monthly pass.

The one think I didn't try to compute is how much money someone would have to make to pay for all the other things in the list, most of which don't apply to me at all.

Centerville, UT

I see some people riding their bicycles to work. Now that really saves some money!

I started riding recently. Great exercise.

Eagle Mountain, UT

incidentally, Comcast Internet is $20/month for the first 3 months - after that it goes up to the normal rate of $40/month.

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