Memorable events at the Provo Tabernacle

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Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
For more than 100 years, the Provo Tabernacle has housed graduation and commencement ceremonies for high schools as well as collegiate convocation ceremonies. Pictured here is the commencement ceremony for a Provo Preparatory School, taken around 1909.
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John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Rebuilding the taberancle is worth the cost.

Weston Jurney
West Jordan, UT

Any building that Sergei Rachmaninoff played in is worth restoring.

American Fork, UT

It's going to be a temple now. Quite a story.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Tasha Tudor, children's author and illustrator, once gave a presentation there. For fans of hers, it was certainly memorable.

Seneca Falls
Salt Lake, UT

This wide-ranging list of civic events that were held at the Provo Tabernacle for over a century makes it seem a crying shame that the Church decided to rebuild it as a Temple. I remember going to concerts and lectures there in college. It used to be an inclusive gathering place for the whole community, now it is an exclusive place where only Mormons are admitted and only to perform rituals and ordinances. What s sad loss to the people of Provo and the whole state.

Andy Horlacher
Sandy, Utah

Since the Provo tabernacle was completed in 1898, but yet the 1886 and 1887 LDS General conferences were held there, then the Provo tabernacle construction must have been a lot further along than the Salt Lake Tabernacle construction. When did construction of the Provo Tabernacle begin?

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