Which county has the worst drivers? Is it yours?

Published: Monday, April 9 2012 3:29 p.m. MDT

Carrie Antlfinger, AP
People often complain about the atrociousness of drivers in Utah, but which county has the worst drivers? Here's where each county ranks in driver safety, according to Utah Department of Public Safety. Each county is ranked with 1 being the lowest or worst ranking, and 29 being the highest or best ranking on different categories. The categories include drunk driving crash rate per vehicle mile traveld (or VMT), percent of crash occupants unrestricted, speed crash rate per VMT, teen crash rate per VMT, motorcycle crash rate per VMT, pedestrian crash rate per population, bicyclist crash rate per population, fatal crash rate per VMT, and overall crash rate per VMT.
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Western Rover

It would be interesting to know how the (study?) dealt with crashes in one county by drivers from another county. Many of the photos appeared to be freeway crashes, so one can easily imagine a resident of one county causing a wreck in a second county while on the way to a third. How were they counted?

Duchesne, UT

Yep, that's the flaw with this study. Is it the county with the worst drivers or the worst road conditions? There is no indication of county residency in the study so the crashers could be tourists and travelers on Hwy 40. It's not the locals who run into me -- they all know where I turn. ;-)


This is a fascinating article. I was equally as interested in the Total Highway Safety Ranking as I was by the Fatal Crash Rate per VMT ranking. Obviously road conditions are an important factor, as well as tourists and visitors. Considering all the elements involved, I think this was a very worthwhile study. If nothing else, it surely makes us stop and think about the possibilities of accidents wherever we are.

Santa Clara, UT

Worst stretch of road for some unknown reason is mile 20 to 45 on I-15. Let's expand the survey to the worst country drivers. Hands down it has to be Iran.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Makes me wonder if they figured in out of county drivers in accidents in a given county, as well as out of state. I know at least as of late in San Juan county the majority of the fatal and other serious accidents have been out of state drivers. Most of which were from Colorado.

West Valley, UT

I've driven in some 20 states... I must say Utah has the absolute WORST drivers. They are completely oblivious to other vehicles around them... and I honestly think many of them are truly afraid to be behind the wheel.

Lilburn, GA

All big cities seem to have the same problems. We have a lot of inconsidered and incompetent drivers in Atlanta too.

When I grew up near Jackson Hole, we dreaded Utah plates in our path because they seemed to be oblivious or in a big hurry all the time. Then I moved to Georgia and found out it's here too. :)

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