31 family summer destinations in Southwestern Utah

In a previous story, 30 family summer destinations in Southeastern Utah, we covered locations south of I-70 and east of the Colorado River that are beautiful, fun and kid-friendly.

In this list we cover destinations in Southern Utah that lie west of the Colorado River. Like the previous locations, these are easily accessible and enjoyable for all sorts of families and centered around towns that offer inexpensive lodging and camping.

No matter which of these amazing places you choose to visit, don't miss getting to know some of the local residents, guides, rangers and fellow travelers around you. You'll gain wonderful insight and friendships that are sure to make your vacation more memorable.
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Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Great stuff! We need to get back down there!

David C
Seattle, WA

Very helpful article and a fun read. Please keep these coming!

Casey See

You have left off at least three or four other places to visit that need to mentioned.
1. the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. More ATV, Dirt Bike and 4WD commercials have been shot here than nearly anywhere else. It is just 20 miles from either Kanab or Orderville. Great place to hike even without an ATV.
2. Cedar Breaks National Monument - a mini Bryce Canyon type of place near Brianhead Ski resort on Cedar Mountain.
3. The Grand Staircase - too many different sections to describe here, but slot canyons and red cliffs galore.
4. Cedar Mountain - Navajo Lake, volcanic caves, and trout fishing just to name a few. Site of many movies.
5. Beaver Mountain

While technically not in Utah but most accessible routes to them are through Utah, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Great Basin National Parks.

Salt Lake City, UT

A nice list, but a technical geographic quibble vis-a-vis the headline. The destinations in the San Rafael Swell, Hanksville, Capitol Reef, and Boulder (that comprise about the first half of the list) are well east of the center line of the state. It's hardly accurate to call them "southwestern" Utah. Escalante is about smack in the middle, so I'll give it a pass.

I know we have our different mental pictures of Utah geography that don't always match a map (a lot of people think Price is in southern Utah, though it is north of the middle). For me, "southwest Utah" mentally is west of US-89 (well, to be totally honest, it's really just that little corner southwest of Cedar City) and "southeast" is east of the Green River. Where that leaves Kanab and the Kaiparowits is anybody's guess.

Ivins, UT

Excellent article. Another really beautiful place to hike is the Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park. The scenery there is breathtaking, and it is loaded with hiking trails. I just hiked Taylor Creek trail yesterday with my grandkids. It was a strenuous hike and we did it in the heat of the day (big mistake) But it is a great hike. You get right under some very towering Zion peaks.

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