Bob Bennett's top 10 career moments

Published: Sunday, Dec. 19 2010 1:38 a.m. MST

Keith Johnson, Deseret News
After 18 years of serving in Washington, Bob Bennett's career expands beyond a summary list of his accomplishments, but here are some highlights of his work thus far, including some of Bennett's personal favorites.
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Kamas, UT

No comments posted? I find that hard to believe -- this looks like somebody's idea of an April Fools joke. Seriously, the Number One highlight is that he was mistaken for Deep Throat? That's some highlight. . .

Salt Lake City, UT

Bennett's Top Ten? We're still waiting... His tenure in the US Senate was among the least productive of any Senator ever to serve. When Bennett finally mustered up the courage to vote responsibly on key issues his party threw him out in favor of a radical who will be a standing joke for six years. Utah gets the kind of leadership it deserves.

Salt Lake City, UT

All of these minor accomplishments could have been performed by anyone. Utah hasn't lost much, and we need new blood watching our nations finances, rather than Bennett who failed to hold off the financial collapse, and failed to provide meaningful reform.

I didn't know that Bennett saved us from Y2K the way Al Gore invented the internet.

Industrial banks could and should have been protected by anyone. One result of the financial crisis is the homogenization of megabanks at the expense of smaller players.

Hopefully someone else can keep fighting for Utah's needs. Hatch & Bennett can't and shouldn't be in the Senate forever. I don't think anyone can represent us well after being gone for a decade or two.

Stockton, UT

I give Bennett credit for his work on the Y2K issue. I won't claim to know whether his effort for the industrial banks was good or bad.

His vote for TARP which he strongly defended during this last campaign season was indefensible. And his defending it made clear he needed to go.

It looks to me like about half the items on this list comprise pork spending directed at Utah. I'm honest enough to call pork, "pork" even when it comes to my home State. Rather than directing pork to I-15 or UTA Bennett should have worked to change taxing and funding structures so that States fund their own projects with local money, based on local priorities and the feds have a lot less leverage and control. THAT would have likely averted a lot of problems as of late.

His involvement with Barney Frank and the Fannie/Freddie fiasco probably warrants ethical or even criminal investigations.

Cannon and Bennett are retired. Hatch and Matheson need to go next. Bishop may have a few good years left, but also needs to step down before he becomes another out-of-touch lifer.

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