Top list: Fix it yourself and save on car repair

Published: Wednesday, April 18 2012 9:14 a.m. MDT

Al Goldis, AP
Vehicle maintenance costs can add up. While some vehicle repairs require the work of a professional, there are others that can be done with little or no help. Some repairs don't even require tools. Here's a list of vehicle repairs and how much a person can save if he or she does it personally instead of taking it to the mechanic.
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will work for food
Kearns, Utah

What about cost of tools to do the job? What's your time to do the job worth? How about the time required to learn how to do the job right? Yes, you can change brake pads by yourself, they're not too hard usually, but be prepared to live with the inherent noise and vibration that comes with buying cheap brake pads and/or not getting the rotors resurfaced/replaced.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's helpful to do the comparison, because you can save money in some cases. But as another commenter has said, you also need to consider your own time and experience. If you don't know what you're doing, it could take a long time or you may do it wrong.

Also, some of the items are not described correctly in the article. For example, the article refers to the cost of "two front brake pads." It should be four (two sets of two), because you always do both wheels (each wheel takes one set), whether it's a repair shop or do-it-yourself. Another item says "serpentine (timing) belt." But the serpentine belt and the timing belt are NOT the same thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, I agree that this was a poorly written article. Many mistakes, the pictures don't match the text and the math is questionable. Who replaces brake rotors every year?

I'd suggest they try this particular article again. Kudos for the astute comments from the above posters!


This is a great article. I appreciate the honesty of the research in terms of costs. I also found the tips to be very helpful. Thank you for a very well-written article.

Pendleton, OR

I personally don't want a bunch of first timers doing brakes that I have to live with on the road. I also don't want to hear about the discarded oil being dumped on the ground or entering the landfill or even worst being dumped in the gutter where it will move into our rivers and lakes thru the storm drains.

Don't be so cheap. You could use only public transportation and save the cost of buying and owning a car; perhaps $20,000+ for a new Gran Prix equivalent.

Millie Bess

What a great article! I love to know these things and this was a great list for everyone to think about!

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