The 40 most expensive gas stations in Salt Lake County

Published: Thursday, April 5 2012 8:42 a.m. MDT

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With gas prices rising, some consumers are being picky about where they fuel up. Here is a look at Salt Lake-area stations which charged the most for regular fuel 2011. The data comes from GasBuddy.com, which compiles pump prices. Users submit these figures through a mobile app or online. The Deseret News averaged each station's prices over the year. Stations with fewer than 9 months of data or fewer than 30 days of pricing were excluded. Check back later for a similar look at Utah and Davis counties. You can also view a map of the data here. Click here for the 40 cheapest gas stations in Salt Lake County.
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Sugar City, ID

Count your blessings. We're currently in California and it's $1 more a gallon. Thanks, Obama voters!

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