Want the cheapest gas? Here are the 40 lowest priced stations in Salt Lake

Published: Thursday, April 5 2012 8:42 a.m. MDT

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Gas prices are rising, but all prices are not the same. Here are some Salt Lake-area stations which managed to keep the prices relatively low in 2011. The data comes from GasBuddy.com, which compiles pump prices. Users submit these figures through a mobile app or online. The Deseret News averaged each station's regular-grade prices over the year. Stations with fewer than 9 months of data or fewer than 30 days of pricing were excluded. Check back later for a similar look at Utah and Davis counties. Click here for the 40 most expensive in Salt Lake County. You can also view a map of the data here.
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Salt Lake City, UT

All of the prices shown in this article are absurdly out of date.

The price of $3.229 for the Sandy Costco hasn't been true for at least 2 weeks!

Farmington, UT

Credible story? Everyone knows gas ends with .9 cents a gallon---fed tax is X.4 and state tax is Y.5 per gallon, so the .9 has been arounds for decades. It's the little mind game the politicians play so you think paying $3.399 isn't as much as $3.40 a gallon; precious little differeence. Where'd they come up with .2 or .5 for a price?

How about listing the HIGHEST priced stations so we could boycott them? When the media lists the lowest priced ones, presto---prices climb.

And NO, gas isn't Cheap! Maybe less expensive in one place compared with another, but NOT CHEAP!

small town, Nebraska

Its 3.79 back here. Went up 60 cents in the past few months.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This report is at least a month behind the times. None of these stations have had gas at $3.240 for a long long time!

South Jordan, UT

"The Deseret News averaged each station's regular-grade prices over the year."

Commenters who think the data is out of date - it's the average price for 2011, as stated on the first page.

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