Why you should be glad you didn't win mega millions

Published: Wednesday, April 4 2012 10:54 a.m. MDT

A person could do a lot with the millions of dollars won from the mega lottery. But in some ways, not winning the lottery might be better than winning. Here's a list of why people are better off not winning all that money, according to Fox Business.
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Salt Lake City, 00

The picture for the long lost relative is one of the greatest things ever.Just the right amount of creep factor to it.
On another note, if you look at the number of retired pro athletes who have next to nothing or have filed bankruptcy, you can clearly see that many people aren't ready to have that amount of money.

Orem, UT

Well, you might drive down I-15 and get clobbered...so best not to drive down I-15. Yeah, lots of bad things "might" happen, but lots of good things "would" happen...depends on the person...I'd give it a try. I think I'd do okay too.

Ya might fall off the Grand Canyon ledge to your death...better not go there and see it!

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