30 family spring and summer destinations in Southeastern Utah

Summer is here, and maybe it's time to plan a trip to some of the dozens of family-friendly wonders found in southeastern Utah.

So, in the interest of dropping a few jaws, creating some indelible memories and introducing you to some wonderful southern neighbors, we've compiled this list of family-friendly destinations in Utah. We've included sites that deliver a high payout of fun and beauty for a kid-friendly effort and grouped them around towns that offer plenty of inexpensive lodging and camping options.

We've also produced a list of 31 family summer destinations in Southwestern Utah for locations west of the Colorado.

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Salt Lake, Utah

nice list. anyplace i could get a printable copy?

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

Deseret News - I wish we could print off this list. It would be fun to have when planning a trip. I don't see a print option and hope you will include one next time you publish such an informative article.

Sandy, UT

@yuvgot2bkidding & Mary E Petty

You can print it but have to do Print Screen to each item and paste it on your MS Word or any word processor. You have to press Ctrl + Print Screen (right side next to F12) and multi task to MS Word or other. Simple and worth of saving for future fun.

Sand Dune Arch next to Devil Trail is perfect for all ages, you walk in some dome like rock and you see arch inside with all those sand to play in AND it is a lot cooler inside while the hot weather is outside.

American Fork, UT

Something I wish DN and a few other sites would do when they publish a '30 places to see' or '15 things you should know' type article is format them differently. For example, first things first, put the entire list in the article. On one page. Make the list live links and let us pick through them. Don't make us go through 21 pages to find out if we think number 22 is really the cool one.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Agreed on all that above. I'll put in a big plug for Natural Bridges, a bit off the beaten path but well worth the visit. Also, go see Four Corners, might as well. I also like the Double Arch at Arches. Easy access as well and a good place to start your visit. Not sure if you count Goblin Valley in this area, but also a fun place to visit.

Salt Lake City, UT

These multiple-screen lists drive me nuts. Put them all into one list, please!

Farmington, UT

It's TOO LATE to plan a trip to Moab, as gas prices have gone through the stratosphere. Glad my wife and I did it in March but we won't be back again this summer, or to St. George, either. Of course Lake Powell and Yellowstone are out of the question, too, although gas is not quite as expensive in Idaho or Wyoming. Maybe we can afford a one-way trip to somewhere closer, like Tooele or Brigham City.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to traveling tourists that are residents of Utah when the added fuel tax kicks in about the first of July. I'll bet we collect less money because we will surely sell fewer gallons in our State. We've gone backwards again with taxes!

Lehi, UT

There was a mention of high gas prices. There are a lot of places that don't cost an arm and a leg. Of course, arms and legs don't cut it. The rise in gas prices according to the Legislature and Governor had to happen because we haven't done it for a while. Our highways are just clogged and the higher tax will discourage visitors from coming here. Actually gas tax or not, I plan on visiting a number of these sites. It should be great fun! Thanks to the Deseret News, now on to a prepared list. Read the article and then print the list keeps coming up on a daily basis as these lists come out.

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