26 Girl Scout Cookie recipes


Anyone who has made a trip to the grocery store recently has probably left with more than the usual number of unplanned purchases.

If you're a fan of baked goods, or simply human, you're bound to have a box or two (or 10) of Girl Scout Cookies somewhere in your shopping cart. Perhaps buried under the Reese's Puffs or hiding behind the Cadbury Mini Eggs?

While there's no denying the inherent deliciousness of the cookies, creative food bloggers have found many ways to incorporate them into even more mouth-watering concoctions.

We've gathered 26 Girl Scout Cookie-based recipes worth whipping up — or at least dreaming about. And you'll want to click all the way through because the final recipe elevates these cookies to wedding-worthy status with edible gold.

Ready, set, salivate.

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Brooklyn, NY

I'm so excited to see all these different recipes. I can't wait to get started baking. Thanks for choosing mine as one to profile!

Bountiful, UT

You are very welcome, @clemenka! We had so much fun compiling this list.

Oklahoma City, OK

Just picked up some of the savanna smiles lemon cookies(they may not be available in certain parts of the country), well they are a bit hard and tart. I also happened to brew up some Green mountain brand Breakfast Blend coffee at the same time and decided to dip the cookie in the coffee. Both my wife and I agree that the two go great together, even though she doesn't like coffee. It cuts down on the tartness just enough and softens the cookie so it melts in your mouth. If you have these in your area,
give them a try.

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