A look back: Interesting facts about City Creek and its opening day, 1 year ago

Published: Wednesday, March 28 2012 12:23 a.m. MDT

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Joey Ferguson, Deseret News
There were 75,000 directories handed out at City Creek on the opening day.
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A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

"Salt Lake City often hosts a number of conventions in any given year. The typical conference goer spends $1,000 when visiting. A 5,000-person conference brings in $5 million in sales."

These numbers are great and will certainly be great for Utah's economy, Utah jobs, and so on. Big money will leave the state, paying companies elsewhere, etc. So it really helps those out-of-Utah probably as much- but still great for Utah.


Plus, on political/religious side note. Many people have criticized the LDS Church for focusing on moral issues too much and not enough on economic issues. While I think that the moral issues focused on are of paramount importance. This mall certainly stands to show that the LDS Church is being more than responsible to Utah. The Church didn't need to do this but it is. It may be sending money the Church's way, but where that money is spent is far different than the ownership of any other mall in this country. I'm not saying this is an 'in your face' to critics, just that there is nothing to be critic about. This is great news all around!

Orem, UT

$1M in revenue a year? that's it?

Murray, UT

I have been to City Creek several time and I am very impressed. The attention to detail is fantastic. I have a question for anyone who can answer. Who owns the old telephone building (circa 1930's, Art Deco) at the corner of 100 South and State Street and what are the future plans for that building? It seems to me that building could be preserved and renovated into another great department store and bring an anchor to the east end of the City Creek Center. Anyone who knows please help me. Thanks.

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