Top in-state football games to look forward to in 2012

Published: Monday, March 26 2012 1:05 p.m. MDT

With spring football in full swing for BYU, Utah, Utah State and Weber State it's time to think about football and the coming season. The schedules look to be full of quality opponents for all programs with a lot of great matchups. Here are 10 top games for the in-state programs that fans can look forward to in 2012, listed as they kickoff on the calendar. Related article: BYU football: Cougars enjoying exposure on ESPN as an independent
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Salt Lake City, UT

Utah vs USC should be number two. It's on a Thursday night, and it could set up to be a huge game with all of America watching. USC may end up coming into SLC ranked number 1.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Gurney but you lost all credibility having the USC vs Utah game at #5. That should easily be #1 and might end up being the biggest college football game ever played in Utah.


USC @ Utah should be #1.

Kearns, UT

No offense to the DNews, USC @ Utah is the #1 game, by a mile. It’s not even close. USC will start the season top 5, and could be near #1 in the country by the time the game starts. No matter how much of a chance you give Utah in that game, it will decide the Pac-12 South championship. Something none of the other games on that list can come close to comparing too.
Someday the DNews will catch on that Utah has moved well passed worrying about BYU. Not even one of their top 5 games on the schedule anymore.


Is it any surprise that Gurney slated USC at Utah below BYU at ND, USU at BYU and Utah at USU?
This is the same individual who claims that BYU held their own in last year's in-state recruiting battle. Homer does not begin to do justice to describing the man.

More Mature Y Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

While I agree with many of your picks I would invite you to come back to the comments section and explain your line of thinking that Utah vs. Utah State is a higher rank that Utah hosting USC.

I do agree that Utah vs. BYU is and should be the #1 pick as this may be the last time the two schools meet each other for some time. That's an easy formula to follow but to say that Utah vs. a vastly improved Utah State is a more important game than what now looks to be the defacto title game for the PAC-12 South conference IF (and that's a huge IF) Utah can keep Jordan Wynn healthy.

I do hope you take the opportunity to explain your line of thinking.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

#2 Sept. 7: Utah at Utah State

When did Giligan get a new hat?

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
Sorry Gurney but you lost all credibility having the USC vs Utah game at #5. That should easily be #1 and might end up being the biggest college football game ever played in Utah.
I'll name bigger games played in the state:

#1 defending champion Miami at BYU. BYU win launched Detmer's Heisman Year.

Washington at BYU the year after they were #1 and #2 in the final rankings. BYU Victory

Every Utah Home game in 2008. Squeaked some wins out (Oregon State, TCU, BYU) with gutty play by Brian Johnson. If those had been on the road, I don't think the Utes would've gone to the Sugar Bowl.

34-31 and 34-31. Changed the trajectory of Utah football.

#4 TCU @ # 16 Utah 2 years ago. Two undefeated teams playing for a chance at a BCS bowl.

Let's hope the Utes do better against USC than TCU. Key Utes for that game? Star L and Utah's Wynn or whomever plays QB for the Utes.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Really? Utah v. TCU was HUGE,as it had BCS written all over it, both teams practiced for it in spring and fall camps.

The rest you mention in hindsight were critical, but meaningful and having major implications to the National football scene, hardly. Compare undefeated USC (top 3) v undefeated Utah (top 10). I will say that any knowledgable Trojan fan will also rank it #1 for them as a win will get the Trojans a do-over with the best of Stanford/UW/Oregon in PAC-12 championship and a shot at the Rose Bowl. With Utah not playing 2 of those, it is a critical win for the men of Troy.

SLC will be pandemonium for that game as it will dwarf the excitement of all other games between Texas and the coast.

Woods Cross, UT

I am a loyal BYU fan and I recognize the importance of the USC game. It should be #1. I even think the Notre Dame and Boise State games are more important than the rivalry game.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Every byu game is the #1 game ever. The hole nation watches us in every game.

Omaha, NE

All the USU game vs. Auburn showed is that USU can get up for teams it want to but shows zero heart vs. teams they should beat (CSU, most of the WAC). Wisconsin is in a league of their own. It will hardly be a game to watch. BYU vs. ND will be a great game. Doesn't Utah play both Oregon and Stanford this year?

Draper, UT

Uhh... yeah. USC @ Utah should be ranked #2 at the VERY least. In my opinion it should really be at #1. Its probably the most important game that will be played in Utah this year.

Its definitely the game i am most looking forward to this season. It can't come fast enough. With Star Lotulelei anchoring the D and if we can keep Wynn healthy (especially up to this match up)... I think it could definitely be a close game.

Go Utes!!

Draper, UT


I believe Utah doesn't play Oregon or Stanford until 2013. All the conference games are the same as last year. but they are switched venues (we played @USC last year, this year they play at Rice Eccles).

saint goerge, UT

I disagree with many of you. USC vs Utah will be a big game...for only one team in this state. I just don't think USC and their fans are anywhere near as excited about this game as Utah and its fans. There is no reason to believe that Utah will be a major player in the Pac 12 at this point of the year. The only reason this game would even get national attention is if BOTH teams are very highly ranked at game time and I don't beleive that will be the case this year. And this list isn't cast on a national level, just the state of Utah.

The BYU vs Utah game is always a huge game in this state, regardless of either team's performance levels. It is an early game in the season that is already on the minds of most college football fans in Utah and All eyes in the state of Utah will be aware of this game which is the last foreseeable meeting of these two rival teams.

This list is the top ten "IN STATE" games, not the top ten football games for Utah fans only.

Iowa City, IA

For the preseason, I would agree that moving USC up to #2 is the right call. You never know as the season plays out how big some games will become and how others might drop.

Regarding the Colorado comment: Utah didn't actually have the championship game "well in hand", they would have slid into that slot had they won, true, but it wasn't well in hand. It was a convoluted series of chokes, Utah's included, that allowed the team that did become duck fodder (UCLA) to go to the game.

I'll enjoy each of those games though. Gotta love college football.

Omaha, NE

How can BYU at Utah not be #1? Could be the last game in a long time. USU will compete, but won't beat any Utah teams.

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