6 relationship money tips

Published: Friday, March 23 2012 12:10 p.m. MDT

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Some girls might like mysterious guys, but secretive and mysterious financial activity isn't a good idea for couples sharing finances.
People should avoid hiding debts from their significant other. Having a secret private account and hiding money can break the trust in a relationship. Once that happens, it can be impossible regain.
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Millie Bess

I agree with all of the tips, but the one I think needs more attention is the prenuptial
agreement, especially if it is a second marriage. In a first marriage, I believe it is
an insult to ask the other person for a prenup, but in a second marriage, especially if
there are children, it is very necessary. One suggestion I have is that there should be three copies of the prenup, one for each spouse and one for a trusted friend in case
any of them just happened to be destroyed.

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