Most indebted municipalities in Utah

Published: Saturday, March 24 2012 9:24 a.m. MDT

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John Bonzo, Wikipedia.com
Total liabilities: $21.13 million
Total revenue: $22.83 million
Last year on record: 2011

Photo from Wikipedia.com taken by John Bonzo
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The Utah Republican
Alpine, UT

The rankings would be very different if they measured liability as a percentage of revenue.


Very hard to read and agree that this is fairly meaningless unless expressed as a percentage of revenue. Can't you give us a ranked table instead? 37 clicks to get to number 1? Seems like a hit producer rather than an attempt to convey information. Sorry, I didn't bite.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

How about ranked by liability per population.

And, what what #1? When I clicked past St George (#2), it went to a menu of other lists!

Santa Ana, CA

I totally agree with Utah Republican. Ranking by total liabilities is almost meaningless. I entered the liability and revenue values into a spreadsheet and sorted by liability/income ratio. Here are the top rankings: Brian Head 4.23; Cedar Hills 2.88; Pleasant Grove 2.66; American Fork 2.3; Midvale 2.25; Herriman 2.02; Park City 2.02; Highland 1.91; Linden 1.83; Eagle Mountain City 1.72; Holladay 1.65; West Valley City 1.63; Lehi 1.61; Riverton 1.53; Washington City 1.48; South Jordan 1.47; Tooele 1.46; Ogden 1.45; Vernal 1.45; Sandy 1.4.; Brigham City 1.39; St. George 1.27; Clearfield 1.22; Payson 1.19; Orem 1.16; Draper 1.06; Cedar City 0.97; SLC 0.94; Springville 0.93; Hurricane 0.93; Provo 0.91; South Salt Lake 0.8; Logan 0.66; Spanish Fork 0.66; Murray 0.64; Bountiful 0.61; Layton 0.41

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I'd like to read of the least as well as the most.

Washington, UT

Ya, kind of a dumb story, and mostly useless information. What jumped out at me is #2 St George with the second most revenue behind SLC. Wow, how do they do that?

Heber City, UT

These can't be right for Vernal:
Total liabilities: $24.94 (twenty-four dollars and ninety-four cents)
Total revenue: $17.23 (seventeen dollars and twenty-three cents)
Last year on record: 2010

Something is misquoted, misprinted (most likely) or this is one very thrifty city.

Bountiful, UT

This article is poorly organized. Total debt is meaningless. What is important is debt vs income.

Also why should one have to click 30 times to see 30 cities? One page listing all the cities would have been nice.

I am surprised to see that Bountiful has dept equal to about 1/2 years worth of income.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not ok to carry debt in your portfolio. It's not OK. You wonder why taxes are so high? It's to pay interest on debt. That's why. More debt, more interest, more taxes.

Our public officials are the slimiest most worthless people on earth.

Tax, save, spend. - this is the way it should work.

Except this is how it works in our world...where debt is somehow "normal" and "acceptable"
Tax, spend, pay interest on public bonds, increase taxes to pay for bonds.

Good things come to those who wait and purchase when they have the funds.

Orem, UT

whoa St. George makes more than Provo?


Thank you for this insightful article. It revealed more than I expected. I appreciate the time and effort to show the 37 most indebted municipalities in Utah. Ten would have been interesting, but 37 puts things into an even better perspective.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Triple crown, thanks for doing the work to convert the data to something meaningful. Totally changes the picture. Based on your list, who would have thought that liberal SLC would be where they are? Yikes if you live in a city near the top of triple crowns list.

JR Rayson

The reason St George has more revenue is St George city is also the power company and provides electrical power for the Cities population.

Orem, UT

Speaking of revenue, remember that you guys didn't pay a nickel to read this site. It is paid for by advertising. It may be a bit tedious, but clicking to get the next city is still a small price to pay. Let's not be whiners or begrudge the fact that the Deseret News has bills to pay as well.

That said, the commenters are right in that our 30+ clicks were for somewhat meaningless data.

I'd like to see both debt to revenue, and debt per capita...

And frankly the article should have included cities outside of Utah for comparison, especially cities with contrasting political ideologies.

Then it would have been news, instead of information.

Millie Bess

This is one of the best articles I have read! I love that you listed 37 indebted municipalities. I was surprised at how poorly Brigham City is doing and how well
Logan is doing. Also I am equally surprised at how poorly Park Cit is doing and how
well Bountiful is doing. This article tells a ton about our municipalities!

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