How a billionaire missed his mortgage while building American's largest house

Published: Tuesday, May 8 2012 10:36 a.m. MDT

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David Siegel grew up the son of a struggling grocer.

He was a former high school wrestling champion, and never finished college. He worked for some time as a TV repairman.
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Salt Lake City, UT

"The 66,000 sq. ft. house is currently worth $85 million."

It is for SALE for $85 million. We'll know what it is WORTH once it is sold.

Columbia, SC

And according to Zillow (slide 22) the house should rent for $1,217. I'm all over that, where do I sign up?

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

That is one ugly house and nothing like a home.

Temecula, CA

Guess what: Obama's top donors are Financial Firms, Lawyers, Big Pharma, Unions, Universities, (Hmm how does that work?), and different Departments in the Federal Government(including the State Department!). Sounds like PAY TO PLAY TO ME! Good Ol' fashioned Chicago Politics! By the way remember 16 of Obama's 22 top financial/economic advisors all come from Goldman Sach's! As Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, Surprise", Goldman Sach's has made truck loads of cash with this President!

Cedar Hills, UT

Regarding "A New Wife," on slide 6 - I must have missed the fairytale where the man of the girl's dreams is 76 years old and 30 years her senior. I guess when you're headlining Florida's Hip and Sophisticated Parents club, you better have your pedigree, ample cleavage, and the biggest house in America to overcome the icky romantic interest and sullen children.

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