Top 10 ways to save money on your wedding

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Don't invite anyone you haven't talked to in five years. This will lower the cost for catering, favors, rentals, centerpieces, and more.
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I greatly appreciate the excellent ideas presented in this article. They are all great ideas and will definitely help to trim any wedding budget. Wonderful article and so timely in my case.

Misty Mountain
Kent, WA

1. Don't invite anybody you haven't talked to in two years. One year is better unless you've been off at college. Five years is nonsense--it looks like you're grabbing for presents. Are you?

2.Do not skip the reply cards, and stick a stamp on them. And the raised lettering doesn't cost that much--check out the internet.

3. You can get a used dress WAY cheaper than a new "sample" dress.

4. Weeknights are no good for people who have to travel. Sunday afternoon is better.

5. Do you HAVE to decorate the church? Seriously?

6. Get your centerpiece stuff at the dollar store. And balloons are cheap. Skip the "favors". Whoever started that idea anyway?

7. Skip the diamond in favor of fancier wedding bands.

8. Contact a vo-tech place to find the name of a cake decorating student. Bake your own cake and have them decorate it. Much cheaper.

9. You can find anything on ebay. But really--do you need a 'ring pillow'?

10. If you have fewer than 100 people, consider a potluck reception, with somebody trustworthy bringing meat platters.

Rick for Truth
Provo, UT

Elope and go to Hawaii, have more fun and save thousands. The dress alone will pay for a five island tour. Weddings are for the Brides Mom anyway. Having married several daughters, I would rather you tells us all about it later. Oh, there is a temple in Vegas and several in Hawaii.

American Fork, UT

Cash bar. Wedding in a well forested campground. Reception in the camp kitchen.

Mchenry, IL

Why is a centerpiece necessary on a table?

Bountiful, UT

Go to the justice of the peace in clothes you already own. After that tell people you got married.

Cost about $35. Hassle about 1 or 2 on a scale of 10.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

if you have been living together - JP and a couple of close friends and relatives to share the day with. Eloping is fun also as I have done it and the look on people's faces when they found out. - priceless. But they were happy for us

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