A look at G- and PG-rated movies nominated for Best Picture since 1986

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The Best Picture winner featured Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in a true story set in 20th century Kenya about a Danish baroness (Streep) who participates in a love affair with a game hunter (Redford). It also garnered seven other Academy Awards including Best Adapted Screenplay and Directing (Sydney Pollack).
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Lewis Center, OH

Could just have this in a single list that I could put by the TV when I am searching for movies to record. These page by page list stories are beyond annoying. At the very least when you run them, summarize them on a last single page.

Helendale, CA

"Driving Miss Daisy" was one of my favorites when it came out. Some didn't like it because it was slow and thoughtful—no "bang-bang" and no sex.

Helendale, CA

The ones I liked or loved: Dead Poets Society (*have it); Driving Miss Daisy; *Field of Dreams; *Apollo 13; *Babe; *Sense and Sensibility (& Alan Rickman); *Finding Neverland; *all the Toy Stories; Up; & Hugo.

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