A look at G- and PG-rated movies nominated for Best Picture since 1986

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Since the Motion Picture Association of America implemented the PG-13 rating in the mid-1980s, few Oscar nominations have been forthcoming for G- and PG-rated films in the Best Picture category.

Since 1986, few years have boasted more than one G or PG nominated film. From 1997 to 2004, there were none.

Although some moviegoers may have been rooting for Pixar's 'Inside Out' to be nominated this year, it did not. That means it's been since the 'Life of Pi' in 2013 that a PG or G rated film has been nominated for Best Picture.

Here is a look at G- and PG-rated Best Picture nominations to date.

Editor's Note: This story originally ran in 2012 and was updated most recently in February of 2016.
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Lewis Center, OH

Could just have this in a single list that I could put by the TV when I am searching for movies to record. These page by page list stories are beyond annoying. At the very least when you run them, summarize them on a last single page.

Helendale, CA

"Driving Miss Daisy" was one of my favorites when it came out. Some didn't like it because it was slow and thoughtful—no "bang-bang" and no sex.

Helendale, CA

The ones I liked or loved: Dead Poets Society (*have it); Driving Miss Daisy; *Field of Dreams; *Apollo 13; *Babe; *Sense and Sensibility (& Alan Rickman); *Finding Neverland; *all the Toy Stories; Up; & Hugo.

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