Top 10 uncommitted local football prospects for 2013's recruiting class

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 22 2012 1:50 p.m. MST

Several top high school football prospects are already popping up, indicating another bumper crop of in-state recruits. Several of the state's top prospects already have offers, with many more likely on the way. A couple of the top prospects, Bingham's Keegan Hicks and Mountain Crest's Moroni Laulu-Pututau, have already pledged to sign with BYU, while Pine View's Logan Stott is ticketed for Arizona and Cody Boyer is on his way to Utah State. Many other top prospects are sure to surface during the coming months, but for now, in late February, here are 10 of the state's top uncommitted recruits for the 2013 signing class.
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Saint George, UT

Pine View's Logan Stott, was recently tabbed as s four star recruit on rivals and is in the ESPN 150 watch list which includes the top 300 players for the 2013 class.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Harris is a solid football player, but he's not even close to the best football player in 2A let alone an elite recruit who isn't signed.

North Salt Lake, UT

Good Job Barton! Make Woods Cross proud next season and in the future.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bateman better think twice about BYU unless he likes running the ball.... At 6'4" he seems more fitting to a drop back passing system ... what BYU used to be...

Glenwood, UT

Braden Harris is one of the best prospects in the state, and one of the best, most recruited athletes in 2A. Top 5 LB in the state, and its already proven. I dont know who (Me, Myself and I) is, but since you live in blanding, I know that you havent seen him play, or played against him in a few years. You dont know what your talking about. Hes already been down to USC on a visit, and has many more to come.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Actually I have seen him play. And I think he is a solid quality football player. With that said it's my opinion and only my opinion that he's not the best football player in 2A, let alone an elite prospect like the article would suggest. Take a look at his stats on defense, 88 tackles is mediocre for a linebacker and I didn't see any offensive stats that would put him up with the offensive leaders in 2A either. Does he only play one way? If so he should have led the state in tackles. That's a luxury most 2A schools can't afford to have their star player only play or significantly contribute on one side of the ball. Another question for you, how is it proven he's a top 5 LB in the state? He's not in the top 25 for tackles on the season (1A-5A) or any other defensive stat for that matter. Even in 2A there are more than 5 LBs with more tackles and better overall defensive stats. I believe he can play at the next level and do well, I just disagree with the status this article lifts him up to.

Gunnison, Utah

Here is a little bit of information for Me, Myself and I. Your right there are a lot of very good 2A players. Braden Harris is a top recruit in the Nation not just Utah or 2A. He was invited to USC and went to USC on a recruiting trip last week. He is on the top of the recruiting boards for Oregon, Stanford, USC, Boise St. BYU, Utah, Clemson, Virginia Tech, that is a list of the schools that have called in the last two weeks. He is on the front page of Oregon's recruiting web site with a big article. He is their top story and prospect for Oregon. 24/7 sports has him as a top 50 linebacker in the Nation and number 4 recruit over all from Utah. they have him as a 3star prospect. They also have a article on Braden as a top recruit. Also Scout has Braden as a top recruit and also have a article about him this week. Thanks for your input but the people who cover recruiting for a living Love Braden Harris and think he is one of the top prospects in the nation. He also played Dend not LB in high school so yes fewer tackles from Dend. also everyone tried to run away from him. he had 105 tackles in 10 games as a sophomore. that let 2A

Highland, UT

@me myself and i

I have not seen Harris play, I didn't even know who he was until I read this article, but your method of judging the type of player he is is flawed. The number of tackles he has is decided by a lot of factors not the least of which are defensive scheme and if the teams they play try to go away from him. It is my understanding he plays d end so that limits him to one side of the field and also makes him responsible to contain on the outside in many schemes. Neither of those things helps to make for a lot of tackles.

I'll take your word for it that you have seen him play but not allowing for those factors in your evaluation shows it to be flawed.

Straight Forward>>>
utah, UT

Thats awesome some small school talent is getting noticed. Cant we get a better Picture of the Harris kid. Go Bulldogs

Glenwood, UT

@Me, Myself, and I

Its clear that all you do is read stats. He played half of the season with a clubed hand. He hurt it at a U of U combine in the middle fo the summer. So he never ran or caught passes for half of the season, and it was hard to tack without the use of a hand. Sorry they dont put injurys on stat sheets. Also he had 88 tackles in 9 games. Half of the 9 with a clubed hand. Convinced yet?

Washington, UT

Braden obviously has serious D1 talent based on the interest shown him by major programs. The coaches (and the recruiting services like Rivals) watch a ton of film and see these kids perform in camps before rating them, inviting them to visit and making offers. Duckhunter is right; to some extent the stats don't mean a lot. Fans like the guy above have no idea what they're talking about.

I note the Stott kid mentioned above didn't even make the DNews all state first team. That should put the all state teams in perspective. Apparently the guys who vote and make that decision don't bother with Rivals, Scout or Espn or with what D1 college coaches think.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Thanks for the missing information. All I could form my opinion on was what I had seen myself. Which were tangible things such as stats and watching him play his sophomore year at LB. Considering the move to DE 88 tackles is very impressive. Once again I will say what I stated was only my opinion it wasn't meant as a dis on Harris. I wish him the best of luck in his senior year and at the next level.

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