Top 10 college football games of 2010

Published: Thursday, Dec. 9 2010 8:52 p.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

Great list, not one game out of place.

Bloomington, IN

loved the pic of the Ute player completely pulling the BYU defender before making the catch. Only would've been better if they would have shown the pic of the knee on the ground before the ball came out.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

Dave, apparently you don't know what's up, because once the ball is touched, it's a free for all. Before the ball got there, both players had their hands on each other, so who you gonna call that on? End result: TD for Utah.

American Fork, UT

DaveKnows - This is the Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. It feels so good to just hear the Y fans cry foul when all that matters is scoreboard. Both sides know how bad it hurts to lose a close one to the bitter rival. I've wanted to kick, scream and cry for months after a few of these close games came up bad for the Utes in recent years. Believe me, I know how bad it hurts right now, and it feels good to know there will be people crying from now until the next game. Been there and done that.
At least you have Jimmer and the gang to help you move on from football. Jimmer is legit.
Go Utes!!!!

Provo, UT

they left out michigan v michigan state. now that was a game. and mister I will, you still can't explain the fumble away. But that catch was something amazing to watch. Great athleticism. and maybe a little bit of luck too. oh and other than it was a close game, and down to the last play, the game was mostly boring and not played well. I would not put this in the top ten, but this is a Utah publication so I will let it fly.

Lincoln City, OR

As I file away the 2010 BYU vs Utah Rivalry game (the last played while both schoold were in the MWC) I will always remember 3 plays and the ineptness of the Offensive Coordinator on BYU's last drive.

Play 1: BYU and Mendenhall's decision to go for a first down on fourth down in the 3rd quarter of a game that BYU had a 6 point lead (in a low soring affair)and being in easy field goal position at about the 15 yard line... BYU comes up short and turns the ball over on downs.

Play 2: Bradley's phantom fumble after intercepting a Utes pass in the forth quarter.... It was obvious on replay and slow motion that his knee was down before the ball was pried loose yet even after replay the MWC booth officials refused to reverse the call on the field.

And Play 3: The blocked kick on the last play of the game which was preceeded by some of the worst OC lay calling that I have seen with the O.C's team in the red zone at the very end of the game and being down by one.

West Jordan, UT

I don't see #9. This was a poorly played game by both schools. Utah played considerably below their talent level in this game, and was mostly outplayed by a mediocre team. BYU seems devoid of speed and talent, but seemingly had the game in hand right up until the last 5 minutes or so. BYU played horribly in the 4th quarter, making stupid mistakes and blowing assignments. I know they are the local teams, but come on. Top 10 for the year in college football? Boise St going down to Nevada is your number 1 game.

Cedar Hills, UT

Great list!

byu bitterness still flowing................

fourth and nine
encino, ca

If this ranking had been compiled by a national publication, I'm guessing that the BYU-Utah game would not appear on the list. In order for a game to make this list, it has to mean something. Outside of Utah, nobody cares about this game. Oh, and by the way, did you see the Valpariso-Drake game? It was awesome!

Murray, UT

@fourth and nine: stating the obvious. But this is a Utah paper for Utah readers. These are the games we cared about in Utah. Go read USA Today/SI or whatever publication for the national perspective.

Great list DesNews..!

West Jordan, UT

Is it just me or does that photo of DeVonte Christopher's catch over Brian Logan look a little too much like offensive pass interference?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

How can you have a complete list when 2010's season isn't over yet???

You'll need to add the Boise blowout of Utah in the Vegas Bowl to the list...

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

What about the Notre Dame v Michigan State OT trick play by MSU for the win? That was the BEST game of the year, IMO, and it didn't even make your list. It must have been exciting since MSU's coach had a heart attack after the game...

Salt Lake City, UT

Notre Dame-Michigan State has to be on this list. It was THE game of the year after about 8 weeks. I don't think it should be first (Nevada-Boise probably should be) but it should be somewhere on the list.

South Jordan, UT

The Michigan-Illinois game went into triple overtime and had more points on the scoreboard than their basketball game. Surely that one should have been on there.

More Mature Y Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Fellow Y fans can we PLEASE for the love of all that's good stop whining about this play and the fumble? It's getting embarrassing and makes us look like a bunch of whiny little kids. Two, possibly three officials watched this play and NONE of them called interference. Please? Secondly there are a lot of us who wish that the fumble call had been overturned but it wasn't. Story closed.

What DID cost us the game was some horrible coaching decisions and good play by Utah's defense. Can't we just say that or does today's fan revel in a persecution complex? Three times we settled for field goals when we should have had touchdowns. That is what lost the game for us. The play calls by the coaches were atrocious and Utah stopped them. Then our coaches played not to lose at the end of the game and we all know what happened.

The officials didn't job us, we lost the game. If you want to shine a spotlight on why we lost the game shine it on the coaches from the top down. I certainly hope Tom Holmoe does.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

More Mature Y Fan


I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

To More Mature Y Fan: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Your efforts to bring sanity and realism to your fan base are mucho appreciado from this U fan (who tries to not get too carried away with the rivalry too).

Aurora, CO

More Mature Y Fan.

Thank You! As a college football fan who supports and watches multiple teams I would love to sit by you and talk football. Thanks again for prioritizing life and letting it go!!!

Provo, UT

Yep! PI

Aurora, CO

Oh and one more thing. I am glad BYU went independent because that means more availabilty to watch college football on another "uber-available" channel - BYUTV - all year long and without paying for some obscure TV service.

Good luck in New Mexico from a Utes, Irish, Buffs, Rams, Falcons, Gator, Hawkeye, Crimson Tide, Boilermakers, Orangemen, Wildcat etc...and YES a Cougar fan. (depending on who they are playing)

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Interesting that the picture chosen for the BYU-Utah slide was of an offensive pass interference that of course, was not called.

Will Be Till I Die, apparently you don't know what's up, because an offensive player is not allowed to go over or through the defender to catch a pass or deflect it from said defender when the defender is in position to catch the ball, without a penalty being assessed to the offensive player. Except in this case of course.

And please spare us your rebuttals about my whining comment. I'm just stating the facts. Utah scored more points. I get it. I'm over it. Good luck with whatever, especially Boise State.

AyeAye Captain
Aurora, CO

Whoa Nellie.

The satement you made about the picture was already made above and the Tit for tat is already exhaustive. so you sound like:

I'm over it so (boohooo), just don't rebuttal (waaahhhhh), cause I am the only smart one here who has an opinion (stupid refs) and only I know the facts (cause I'm better than the refs) Waaaahhhhhh, boohooo I will never admit Utah won and make excuses... Translation: I am so far from being over it.

Adapt and move on. Utah won the game, a kick got blocked, Mendenhall allowed the OC to make a poor choice multiple times during the game. Be happy you are going to a bowl.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I can't see the BYU Utah game as a top ten game. Maybe a top ten finish. It was a very exciting finish. The game was sloppy and penalty ridden. It was one of those games where one team out-plays the other and still ends up losing. It is certainly not a game I would watch again as a football fan.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

Aye Aye: couldn't have said it better myself. If he was truly over it, he wouldn't have used 200 words telling us he was over it.

Nellie: your statement, "an offensive player is not allowed to go over or through the defender to catch a pass or deflect it from said defender when the defender is in position to catch the ball, without a penalty being assessed to the offensive player," is generally correct, but you missed one big UNLESS, which is when the ball has already been tipped, as was the case on this play.

Find a video of it on youtube or byu-tv or something, watch the whole play again, but be sure to take off your Cougar-Blue shades first.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I am done hearing BYU fans complain about the fumble call. A defensive player had the ball because of a special teams error. Without the error on the punt cover, the offense would have had the ball with the opportunity to run clock and gain field position. BYU lost to a better Utah team. The call by the official was reasonable (unlike the SDSU call). Complaining that an official did not bail a team out of a mistake is petty.

I didn't see all of the games on the list, but I have re-watched the Boise State game. Not as good as the OU Boise State Bowl game a few years ago, but my favorite of this year.

Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

Offensive PI? LOL. Brian Logan has no idea where the ball is.

BYU has never lost a game, it is always the refs fault when the scoreboard says the other team won.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can't believe how many BYU fans are still whining. You lost, deal with it. You choked the game away, and Utah came in and bullied you in the 4th quarter. Get tough! What a bunch a babies you guys are! It's always the refs fault when you lose at anything. Get over it, just get ready to get beat again next September.

This Little Piggy
Bountiful, UT

I hate when people whine about a single play... the play in the picture, the "fumble" - I can see why it wasn't overturned. You can't say with 100% certainty that the ball wasn't coming out when it shows him down... although you can't say he wasn't down before the camera has a good shot of it either. I think he probably was down earlier, but anyway... If that play had been with less than a minute left (a la Chargers-Broncos a few years ago), then I might be more mad at the refs. Or if the refs had missed seeing too many men, or offsides, or something on the very last play... but one call or a couple of calls don't excuse the rest of the game. Face it, we lost... I kind of felt they were due to have one of these miraculous finishes anyway, as much as it hurt at the time.

Red Leader
Bountiful, UT

Ahh BSU-Nevada. That to me was probably the best game I've ever seen. The win that cost the WAC (including Nevada) millions of dollars. HA!

Draper, UT

Picture #9 is not offensive PI at all. For all the whining about calls and Utes getting lucky, Utah scored 2 TDs, BYU scored 1 TD and got held to too many FGs.

Larry Curtis

Thanks for commenting on the Top 10 list. There are cases to be made for games that didn't make the list. But, I fully believe the Utah vs. BYU rivalry game DOES belong because A) The rivalry is unique and makes every game between the schools something quite powerful B) It was a crazy, shocking, exciting, bitter, joyous, wild game. It was a great football game.

No list can be definitive but I like this list.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

What happened to the "biggest game in the history of the state of Utah"?

I guess when U are ranked #5 and suffer the most humiliating loss in the history of your program, the game isn't so "big" anymore.

Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

Re: Riddles in the Dark

BYU looked good in the '80s because they didn't play anyone. Looks like they are going back to that philosophy.

Home games next year besides Utah:
UCF, Utah State, San Jose State, New Mexico State, Idaho, Idaho State

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Mount Olympus

BYU's road games next year: Texas, Ole Miss, Oregon State, LA Tech and Hawaii

Four BCS teams, three of them on the road (2 PAC 12, 1 SEC, 1 Big 12).

A decent enough schedule for BYU to climb well into the Top 25 by the end of September and a good enough schedule to get BYU into a BCS bowl with an undefeated schedule.

Good luck in the PAC 12 little brother. Make us proud.

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