10 most memorable Super Bowls of all time

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012 9:26 a.m. MST

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It's the most-watched event of the year, every year — it's the Super Bowl. And over the years there have been many memorable Super Bowls, particularly of late. For much of its history, the Super Bowl was defined by blowout games but that trend definitely went the other way toward the close of the century, providing for some very memorable games. Here are 10 worth reliving.
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Provo, UT

I would put the Broncos-Packers Super Bowl a bit higher, certainly top five. First of all, it was a brilliantly played game. Some of the Super Bowls, while having close scores, weren't necessarily good games throughout, this one was. It was a game won rather than lost with great play and big upset at the time.

The most important Super Bowl and the one that should be #1 on the list is the Jets win over the Colts. It legitimized the American Football LEAUGE and made the merger possible which brought about the current NFL today as we know it. This game was huge for the history of the game. The Bills-Giants game was a good game, also generally well played and memorable with the wide right by Norwood at the end and played during the Persian Gulf War, but bottom line, it isn't important like Super Bowl III.

Heber, UT

On game #10 it is wrong. Elway's "Helicpoter" dive was not into the end zone but for a first down inside the ten, and then the Packers let Davis run the touchdown in so they could get the ball back with time to score. Lets get it right

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