Top quotes from Karl Malone's interview with Brad Rock and Gordon Monson

Published: Monday, Jan. 30 2012 3:20 p.m. MST

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Tom Smart, Deseret News
"I know for a fact, knowing Coach Sloan, if we're getting our butts kicked, we're practicing. I know for a fact that he was overridden on practices sometime on the road. Because Deron [Williams] was calling our GM.

"Coach pissed off, go in the locker room, words were said, Deron said words, Coach Sloan definitely said something, and the powers that be was there.

"In that defining moment, when [Jazz team management] shoulda stood up for Jerry Sloan...they chose Deron Williams. And Coach Sloan, being the coach I know and love, said, you know what? We should part the ways...And once Coach Sloan says something, it's history."
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Springville, UT

I love this guy! I'm so glad I moved here in '96. It was great Karl!

Orem, Utah

Karl Malone gave it his all on the court every night. He did play his last year with the Lakers because he wanted a ring before he retired. But unlike Lebron who bolted Cleveland just so Miami could put together their dream team Malone spent all but one season in Utah and was true to the franchise. The NBA has drastically changed from the days of Karl and John. Players move around so much their is no loyalty to their fans. It doesn't help much teams like Utah who played tough defense under Sloan have been forced to go away from that model since the NBA now embraces those teams who can light up the scoreboard with their dream team.


Karl is right about the reason Sloan left. Yesterday on the radio KOC stood behind the statements the team made about why Sloan left but you could tell he was lying through his teeth and was upset that Monsen would ask him about it again.
Several Jazz staff members have told me the same thing, that KOC and Miller chose to back Deron Williams and Sloan was done with it and decided to leave. Karl Malone is correct in what he says and the Jazz are lying about it. Sloan is too loyal to come out and go against what the Jazz are saying but he's told many people privately what really happened and shame on the Jazz!
If Sloan is thinking about coaching again it only backs up Karl's story that Sloan wasn't done coaching, just done with an organization that backs up the players first before the coach. KOC should be fired and we can't trust anything Greg Miller says.

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