Mitt Romney's Bain History: A Sampling

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012 11:21 a.m. MST

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Photo Credit: Associated Press
Staples only had one store when Bain invested. Romney sat on Staples' board for 15 years after Bain invested in it, according to former Staples CEO Thomas Stemburg. Now the company employs 90,000 people.
Stemberg also said on Fox News that Romney is "the single best corporate director I ever worked with."
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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

just waiting for the cut and paste obama groupie to begin saying that Mitt was not successful and the big guy in the WH has so much more to offer the country. looks to me like willard accomplished a lot more than stapling community organizing posters to telephone poles. o will go, just not soon enough.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

I got an interesting email forwarded to me today about how when one of Mitt's partners at Bain had a daughter go missing after a Rave party, Mitt shut down the company and everyone flew to New York to look for her. He spent tons of money on private investigators and call centers. The girl was located in a basement shivering and going through drug withdrawals. She may not have survived another day. Mitt also took no salary for overseeing the Olympics and would accept no expense account. He also accepted no salary as governor of Massachusetts. Interesting peek into the "Real Romney" isn't it?

West Hills, CA

deep in thought: Thanks for making others aware of this event.

I read a detailed article about this situation some time ago. Although, I've been a Romney supporter from way back, I was, quite frankly, surprised by the magnitude of the involvement of Mitt and his associates. It wasn't done for profit, or for publicity. That's just the way Mitt really is.

Unfortunately, I didn't copy the article or note where I had read it, but I'm going to go look for it in the morning. It's now 2:40am here.

West Hills, CA

Couldn't sleep without searching for the full story of Mitt and Bain searching for an associates daughter. I Googled it and found good recounts of the event and, most important, verifying its truthfulness. The most detailed article was from Snopes-Urban Legends.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Deep in Thought,
Wow, I sure do feel better now!

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