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Published: Sunday, Jan. 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Laura Seitz, Deseret News
After a decade of foreign wars, thousands of American families that have already sacrificed by sending a spouse, or parent or child into combat are learning that war is always brought home. Oklahoma-based therapist Cynde Collins-Clark, the mother of a disabled veteran, has turned her insight and expertise into a powerfully simple and effective resource for families of veterans, Veterans' Families United Foundation (veteransfamiliesunited.org). It is a web-based all-volunteer initiative that connects veterans and their families to professionally vetted information and resources that can help families that have been separated because of war to begin the challenging but hopeful journey of reintegration and healing.
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Waianae, HI

Happy New Year.

That Picture of the Airman and his wife just says all. They give prizes for such Shots.

Coming back can be a long slow process. A work in progress so to speak. I am more concerned now with the repeated exposure to many Tours of Duty and not enough Dwell Time.

Also people do not realize that direct Combat or exposure to Combat is not always a vital factor in the overall situation. Those in support roles (all jobs must be filled and performed).are subject to the same dangers, the greater or lesser of the degree does not matter that much. Plus survivor guilt.

When the plane lands and you desembark and come through and great your loved ones a New Clock Starts. My experiences are pre 9/11 now you greet your loved ones in the baggage claim area. In Hawaii they come into Hickham and the Unit comes out into an Hangger and after a formation and that welcome home talk, then you get to greet your loved ones.

Also the seperation from loved one during prime years. Familys are destroyed and potential is destroyed.

This couple has a good shot at success.

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