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10 Christmas and LDS holiday books for the season

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 12:49 p.m. MST

"GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD," by Eric D. Huntsman, Deseret Book, $27.99 (nf) Next » 1 of 10 « Prev
Provided by Deseret Book

Eric D. Huntsman, an associate professor at Brigham Young University, uses the narratives of the four gospels in the New Testament to explore the birth of Jesus Christ along with other mentioned events and people, including the stories of Mary, Zacharias and John the Baptist. He also intermixes some of the culture and traditions of the era along with information from other scholars to help bring out details to better understand the events around the Nativity.

Interwoven throughout "God So Loved the World" are photos, art and maps along with historical traditions, including why Christmas is on Dec. 25, along with ways to celebrate Advent.

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Just Me

So book #1...Is it "Good Tidings of Great Joy" or "God So Loved the World ?" Curious picture with the explanation.

Provo, UT

My daughter has the Pop-up scriptures that are the same as the Bagley "Baby Jesus Is Born" book and they are okay...Except for the fact that baby Jesus is BLONDE!

I have been looking for an alternative after my husband pointed out that all the "good" guys in the illustration were blonde and all the bad guys had brown/black hair. I'm glad Mary and Joseph are ethnically correct in this one, but a blonde Jesus? *sigh* It's unfortunate because the rhymes are fun and my daughter likes the hidden pictures. Perhaps a little more care should be taken by the illustrator.

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