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10 football players of note who transferred to BYU

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 12:54 p.m. MST

BYU, like most programs, has received a steady influx of talent from players transferring into its program. Not every transfer is a success, but many of them are. Here is a look at 10 players who experienced success after transferring into BYU's program.
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Heber City, UT

Some good names, but Colby Clawson needs to be in the mix, and Steve Sarkisian should be near the top!

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT


Both Clawson and Sarkisian were JUCO transfers, which is relatively common. I think this list is only noting transfers from D-1 schools in response to the Heaps transfer...much like the ten other lists we have seen since the announcement.

Somewhere, UT

Couldn't find a better picture of Aaron Wagner? He is gouging that poor running backs eyes out.

Orem, UT

Two glaring omissions from your list:

Jason Buck, winner of the Outland Trophy
Ben Cahoon, leading receive in the CFL history

Brad E.

Wow, Cougs must be worried about football recruiting in the wake of the Jake Heaps impending transfer. Seems like the Deseret News continues to try and convince people that BYU is still relevant. BYU is on par with Utah St. I guess that's a compliment though.

Las Vegas, NV

Looking forward to Riley Nelson's senior season. As for Max Hall, definitely should've had a filter over his mouth during postgame rants, but loved the guy on the field. He was a flat out competitor and a 32-7 record shows it. Riley Nelson has similar toughness.

Midvale, UT

@Brad E.

Typical Ute argument that BYU is trying to stay relevant in an attempt to prove that Utah actually is. How does the saying go? If you have to continually have to call yourself your relevant, are you really? If you've been following Deseret News articles at all, you would realize it's just the opposite view that was printed a few days ago to complement the story on top 10 transfers. It's standard journalism, not an attempt at anything. But read into it what you will if it helps you sleep better at night.

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