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10 high-profile players who transferred out of BYU

Published: Saturday, Dec. 10 2011 5:40 p.m. MST

PROVO — Jake Heaps isn't the first high-profile athlete to transfer from BYU and he certainly won't be the last. Over the years BYU has had several players transfer from its program, with varying degrees of success between them. Here are 10 high-profile players who, like Heaps, transferred out of BYU's program.
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Provo, UT

Good list but Ah You would have to be considered the best transfer out of BYU for his quality play at OU and staying power in the NFL...

Des Moines, IA

Actually, Jacob Bower transferred from Tulsa after his junior season to McNeese State as well.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Enough of the "Top 10" lists. I really don't care. Interesting that you lump into the "transfer" group those that were kicked out of the school for honor code violations? I can't wait for the next in the series of "Top 10's"-- perhaps the "Top 10" who once wore #66? That would be epic!

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Where is Jake Heaps name?

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

I guess the high quality recruits will slowly die down when the Independence irrelevance sets in along with WAC caliber schedules with only a couple decent teams a year...

che loco
Springville, UT

Ah You was drafted by Buffalo, not St. Louis.


>with only a couple decent teams a year

Let's see, so far the 2012 schedule includes Washington State, Weber State, Utah, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah State, Oregon State, and Notre Dame. Washington State should be improving, Boise State has a solid program even without Moore, Hawaii is generally at least decent, Utah State has shown a lot of improvement and should be a solid team next year, Oregon State should be better next year, and Notre Dame should be solid. Granted, Weber State and Utah drag down the quality of the schedule, but you've got to have a couple of those in the schedule, right?

The 2013 lineup already has Texas, Georgia Tech, Houston, Boise State, and Notre Dame, plus games at Hawaii and Utah State.

Now, if you want to talk about no decent teams, how about we take a look at the Pac-12 South. USC is strong, as is, well...USC is strong.

Cedar Hills, UT

We forget all the other great BYU players who were kicked out of school - Harvey Unga for example. Prep stars look to see who is playing for their team of interest before signing on the dotted line and BYU is losing a big one in Jake Heaps. This will hurt recruiting simply because other top prep QB's who have a big arm and want to join a passing offense are not going to opt for BYU anymore. If they didn't want Jake they won't want me will be the conclusion. Troy Aikman transferred from OU to UCLA simply because OU ran the ball too much and didn't utilize his talents - throwing the football. UCLA did! BYU is transitioning into a running team now - leaving the pass in the past. Oh they will mix in the pass but it won't be close to what fans are used to seeing from past years at BYU. No more 350 yard passing games and no more NCAA record setting performances. I see BYU drifting into sort of what you see with the Denver Broncos today - a run first pass when you need to offense. Tim Tebow is winning with it - maybe BYU too?


@Bastiatarian - great comment, made me laugh out loud.

Spanish Fork, UT

Might be interesting to show several more things about these transfers:
Why did they transfer? If it was honor code, no biggie. That's life choice. But if it was playing time, how did the players who were getting more playing time fare?

Also, Jacob Bowers left Tulsa and went on to star at a DII school for one season while getting his Master's there.

Tooele, UT

I truly hope Jake Heaps does well regardless of where he lands. Perhaps this will end up a blessing, both for him and BYU.

As for players transferring from one school to another, this is hardly a unique problem with BYU. In fact, a number of quality players over the years have transferred TO BYU from other schools.

Riley Nelson is the first recent one that comes to mind.

Eagle Mountain, UT

SoCal: So what...Stop reading them

Murray, utah

Isn't the mighty utah basketball team playing the mighty Idaho State team this week? Yet another loss for the utes. Then again I guess there will be 20 games or so against the mighty PAC 12 teams, none of which are even in the top 25. Real power conference you've got there.

Embarrassed in Seattle
Redmond, WA

What about Golden Richards who transferred from BYU about 1972? I believe he played for UCLA and then played for the NFL>

Highland, UT


Well except that you are wrong. Tanner Mangum the top qb in the elite 11 and considered the #2 qb recruit in the country is going to BYU. Do you ever think about what is really happening before you make a false claim in a post?

Idaho Falls, ID

Agree with Duckhunter.
I have a very good source that says Tanner is very excited to come to BYU and the Heaps deal has no effect on his commitment to BYU. And he fully understands that he has to EARN the starting position when he gets here.
Also Taysom Hill is actually more encouraged and excited about coming to BYU now that Heaps is gone.

Sorry to disappoint you patriot, but your reasoning defies all logic and the actual facts.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Am I the only one that saw "transferred to Texas Tech" as a recurring theme. I hope the cougars at least get a Christmas card.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Embarrassed in Seattle
Good Catch there Embarrassed... Brandon Gurney should have done his homework a little better because Golden Richards was the biggest transfer out of BYU...and he went to Hawaii his Senior year... not UCLA... before becoming a big NFL Star with the Cowboys for 10 years. His is also a sad story personally later on in his life and may be the reason it was left out. The guy was a phenominal Punt and kick off return specialist at BYU... set seven NCAA records...including 3 returns for touchdowns in one game.

West Jordan, UT

Golden Richards transferred to Hawaii

Mesa, AZ

Jacob Bower and his young family were in the Lake Charles Ward last year while he was QB at FCS McNeese State. They finished the 2010 season at 6-5.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

The only difference between these people are Jake Heaps is that Heaps had a press conference, had a whole bunch of hype, didn't perform, was boo'ed when he went out on the field, expected to win a Heisman trophy, said that the Cougies will win a NC, held a press conference to announce his school. Get this, ALL within 2 seasons.

The difference? Heaps is a bust.

Evanston, WY

I think, if not already mentioned, it would be nice to list the top 10 players in BYU football history, who transferred to BYU.

Bill M

Golden Richards transferred because of honor code violations to Hawaii.He played in the NFL and even though didn't play his senior season at the Y, still considered it his alma mater

Betty Ann Marquardt

Nice article Brandon. I find the comments interesting. My son decided to transfer after a brief conversation with a coach. It happened so fast that I found out about it from the news. People transfer for reasons other than Honor Code violations. When my son left BYU, rumors circulated that it was because of Honor Code violation. No.....He had just gotten married in the Oakland temple. For those that did leave for honor code violations, why are you still talking about it?

Sacramento Ute

Golden Richards played at Granite High School in SLC and had to leave BYU and finished at Hawaii. He played for the Dallas Cowboys

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

I guess some people just can come to grips that Heaps is gone. Why keep beating the same ole?
Just sayin!


This article beg's the question, Why are we still reading stories about the transfer of Jake Heaps ?

He flopped, his rating before Riley was pathetic. It comes down to the glaring stats, they do not lie, he did not measure up. We do not know what his potential is because he never attained the lofty heights he was potentially to have.

I understand that we are in the doldrums of the bowl game build up for BYU football news. Therefore, lets move on and build up the team and all the great players that are part of the program who's stats blow away Heaps lack luster effort.

Lets show Heaps the door shake his hand and say adios, bye-bye so long and have a nice life but we need to move on and get focused for the post season see ya.

Riverside, CA

Floyd Johnson | 4:35 p.m. Dec. 12, 2011
Broken Arrow, OK,

I saw the recurring theme of transferring to Mike Leach. Mike appears to like transfers from his Alma Mater. Heaps to Washington State?

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