Crazy classifieds: Decorative weapons, Michael Jackson sequins glove

Published: Friday, June 1 2012 6:59 a.m. MDT

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If your mantel feels empty as though something is missing, then you may need one, or all, of these decorative weapons.

These items either came from the "Conan: The Barbarian" movie set or from the equipment closet from "Medieval Times." Either way, you should answer the current weapon wielders call: "Pick one and name a price."

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Altamont, UT

You must not be a bowler. If you are buying a bowling ball,you do not want one with holes. You want one drilled specifically to fit YOUR fingers, not someone else's.
You take it to the Pro shop at the boling alley.
Gees, I cannot believe you didn't know this.
(Just have to tease you a little, big city folks...)

Millie Bess

What a crazy list but very fun to read! I personally think the cardboard police officer is
the deal of the day!


This has got to be the most amusing and entertaining article of the decade! It was certainly fun to read if you didn't mind laughing out loud at the variety of suggestions. I was especially enamored by the guy who was seeking advice on how to get Guppies to give birth. Better than fiction , no doubt!

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