10 of 'The World's Healthiest Foods'

Published: Monday, Dec. 6 2010 3:57 p.m. MST

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In the past few years, the public has learned that olive oil is more heart-healthy than many other types of fats, because it's monounsaturated (as opposed to saturated fat, such as butter and oils, which are polyunsaturated). In addition, olive oil contains a wide range of antioxidants that help ward off diseases by inhibiting oxidation in the body's cells and tissues. In the culinary world, antioxidants help prevent food from becoming rancid or discolored. In the body, antioxidants are thought to help prevent cancer and heart disease.

"We should use it in more of our preparations," says Askew. "We need oil to cook, and it's very healthful. It has calories but is not atherogenic (heart-disease forming)."

"Olive oil is super because it increases the good cholesterol and decreases the bad," Lamb says. "Use it in place of margarine. Use it with balsamic vinegar and dunk bread in that. It's the oil of preference for the base of salad oil and dressing."

If the oil is extra-virgin (processed without using heat), you're adding more antioxidants.

Askew warns it will go rancid if it's not kept cool.

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Barack Obama
Phoenix, AZ

I've found that trying to eat like these experts suggest can get quite expensive.

Murray, UT

Notice there aren't any grains on the list. We've been mis-informed that we should be eating 8-11 servings of grain per day. A diet of high carbs promotes diabesity.

Watch the documentary on hulu called fathead. It's a follow up to supersize me where a guy eats at fast food places for a month, but in fathead he doesn't eat fries or other high carb foods. He lost 12 lbs at the end of the month.

One point made in the movie is that the diet recommended by the medical community, especially to treat diabetes is to eat lots of carbs - because it will help you lose weight and become more healthy....... This same diet of high carbs and grain consumption is what we feed cattle and pigs to fatten them up.....


The food pyramid should be changed to 8-11 servings of fruits and veggies at the bottom and grains should be at the top.

but wait....aren't grains the "STAFF" of life?

A staff is a crutch to help someone when they need assistance walking on thier own.

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