Top 10 most memorable BYU bowl games

Published: Thursday, Dec. 8 2011 12:43 p.m. MST

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The Cougars jumped out to a 31-7 lead in the third quarter following a Tom Holmoe interception return for a touchdown. They then had to withstand a scoring onslaught by Washington State to preserve the victory. Jim McMahon threw for 342 yards in the game, including a critical 11-yard TD pass to Scott Pettis to put BYU up 38-28 midway through the fourth quarter.
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sports fan
Provo, UT

Excuse me for asking but doesn't BYU's bowl record stand at something like 11-17-1? Perhaps it would be more exclusive if they picked out of the bowl wins state wide between BYU, Utah and Utah State. With Utahs 12-4 record and USUs win we would have 24 to choose from as opposed to 11.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

daily article to take attention away from Jake Heaps transfer......check.

see you all tomorrow.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Top 10 most memorable bowl victories?

Please tell me this is a joke.

BYU only has 11 bowl victories in its history.

The only one excluded in this list is the thrilling victory against UTEP in last years New Mexico Bowl.

10 most memorable? Really?


Big J
Bountiful, UT

The âMiracle Bowlâ over SMU and the 1997 Cotton Bowl over Kansas State were the best. The 1997 team was probably BYUâs best team ever and I include the 1984 team in that statement.
Go Utes!

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

@ Kosta Fesenko. Your comment quality matches that of your namesake.

Sandy, UT

How will Armed Forces Bowl Measure up?

It won't, it's the Armed Forces Bowl for crying out loud. But be ready, Tulsa is a player.

So out of 11, it means that the Armed Forces and probably one of the Las Vegas Bowls the Cougies actually won won't be in consideration for the DNews top 10 list.

South Jordan, UT

I'm sure Utah has some bowl victories, but no one cares. Hence the difference between the two programs.

the matrix
Cedar City, UT

How many bowls has Utah been to? Lets see 16! How many bowls has BYU been to? I believe 29. BYU has been more to bowl games than all the other colleges in the state of Utah combined. I will admit Utah's football program has been very good over the last ten years or so. This is very hard for a die hard BYU fan to admit but Utah deserves a lot of credit for what they have accomplished in bowl games (especially the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl). However BYU(with the exception of the Crowton era) has been a solid program since 1974 and won a national championship. My point is we could set here and point fingers at each other or we could rejoice and say isn't awesome to have some great college football teams here in the state of Utah. Combined Utah's major college teams went 32-24 not to bad. In addition great season Aggie fans!! You have a great coach up there who I believe will build a great program in Cache Valley and you Aggie fans deserve it!! Good luck to all Utah teams in the bowl season.

Layton, Utah

Howard S

17-14 still hurts doesn't it. Sun bowl + El Paso = zzzzzz

Layton, Utah

The Utes only have 2 bowl victories don't they? Only ones I recall hearing about constantly. That is pretty pathetic to only have won two bowls games.

Centerville, UT

@Howard S.

You misread the title of the story. It wasn't 'Top 10 bowl victories.' It was Top 10 bowl GAMES.'

It is true that BYU has far more defeats than victories in their bowl games. But it is a testament to the program that many of those bowl appearances came before they added 30 more bowl games and dropped the standard to 6 wins to qualify. In other words, though BYU has more defeats, they also play far better competition.
Even Ute fans would agree that Utah's first BCS victory was against a pathetic Pitt team that had no business being in a bowl game, let alone a BCS bowl game. Arizona State is another example of a team that shouldn't have been in a bowl game this year.

Provo, UT


I would say Pitt had no business being in the Fiesta Bowl or a BCS bowl but the Panthers did win their conference and I think came in with a 8-3 or 9-3 record. No, they weren't in the Utes league or the type of opponent the Utes were looking for, but they weren't like a 6-6 team. They would have been considered bowl worthy even in the good old days...

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