Top 10 NBA free agents

Published: Monday, Nov. 28 2011 11:15 a.m. MST

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Assuming owners and players ratify the tentative agreement reached early Saturday to end the NBA lockout, compressed training camps and free-agent signings will begin Dec. 9, with the season opening Christmas. A look at some of the free agents who will be on the market:
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What?? This is the worst list I may have ever seen...

Waianae, HI

Nice to see all the Colorful Tattoos.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Utah Jazz: Where no NBA player wants to play or stay...

Provo, UT

@Portland Trail Blazers. Where overpaid players go to get hurt and the GM tries to steal Jazz players.

the boonies, mexico

There are only 1 or 2 I would even give any consideration if I were the Jazz and both would put us over the "cap" so we need to go with the youth now. Give this young team a season together and we will all be excited including the players!

Colorado Springs, CO

Agree with Vince. The new CBA will level the playing field a bit, not as much as owners wanted though. Jazz need to come together as a team and build on some young foundations. They may be over stocked in big men though. I would use my amnesty cut on Okur and cut him loose saving 10M in salary cap. That puts the Jazz at about 45M in salary after AK and Memo are gone. Try to sign AK at 5M a year. He is still worth that much. Burks might finally shore up the SG position. Some guys need to learn to defend but hopefully Kanter can shore up the 5 moving Jefferson to the 4. Rotate Milsap and Favors into that mix and you have a solid front line. With Hayward, Miles, AK, manning the wings we are deep if not solid. Miles is good at times but needs to be more consistent. Burks could be huge at the 2.


This team could make some noise if the learn defense and come together.

Roosevelt, UT

Why isn't AK on that list? Don't they know he made 5.1 ppg last year but he got paid $17 million for it. That should count for something.

With the amnesty thing the JAzz should cut Raja. They will be able to trade Okur but nobody will take Bell in trade, and Bell even makes CJ look consistent.

I am also embarrassed the list was without Fesenko. People donot understand how good the Jazz players really were...or maybe they do.

KOC has a chance and a small window to clean things up.

AK has proven over the past 3 years he longer fits the Jazz system. Mark Gasol would fit our system fine if Jefferson was to be traded for him or even Okur.

Captain L
Provo, UT

The only player on the list I would like to see us go for is Battier, I don't think he would consider coming to the Jazz because he is getting older and wants to go to a contender but he is the only player I like. We need help at the 3, with AK not likely to return, we need a long athletic 3, both CJ and Hayward can play the 3 but both are undersized to play the 3 and both are better suited to play the 2. Evans has the size we need at the 3 but I doubt he has changed his game enough to be able to play the 3, I would like to hope he can change and develop his skills to be able to play the 3 but it's not likely. I hope Favors and Kanter prove good enough , soon enough that the FO (KOC)can use Milsap or Jefferson to get a long athletic 3, that can defend and shoot the 3. We need a point guard for the future but it needs to be one that can keep the D honest by knocking down 3's consistently.

Snowflake, AZ

Free agency has destroyed Pro Basketball, so who cares! The Jazz won't get any of the best players anyway because they are a in small, highly conservative market.

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