Reaction to news of BYU-Big East rumors

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 16 2011 1:19 p.m. MST

Alex Rasmussen
With speculation mounting that BYU is on its way to the Big East Conference, at least in football, we wanted to see what those on the street had to say about the subject. Here are a few of their responses.
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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

It seems to me that this is sort of like boarding the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. I don't like the idea of being associated with anything named East. There is no "Big" in the Big East and probably never was in football. So how is the Big East better than the MWC? Well, there's no MTN network which is great. Half the games are two time zones away... is that good? Will the B E be an antomatic qualifier conference in the future...probably not.

Burley, ID

Don't do it BYU ... you're better off staying independent.

South Jordan, UT

Is there any news to report.... or is it simply a slow news day?

Move along! Nothing to see here.

South Jordan, UT

This news is simply not as exciting as when the Pac 10 came calling. It simply doesn't feel like the conference is stable. It seems like more shifting will occur in a year or two with the Big 12. Big 12 would be so much better even if you have to deal with some large egos.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Wow, I am sure glad that the DNews decided to get these opinions on conference realignment. This is an example of great, great journalism!! Excellent Reading and insight...

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Regarding my previous post, I hope you all caught the sarcasm!

I really don't care what BYU does at this point... I'm quite dissapointed in the whole state of college football. I'd rather the NCAA or some other governing body assigned institutions to conferences based on geography and size. I mean really, the big 10 has 12 members, the big 12 has ten, the big east has invited teams from Utah and Idaho, Long time rivalries are being desstroyed for greater profit even though it's supposed to be about the unpaid student athlete, the BCS... college football has become a huge joke!

Tarheel Ute
Colorado Springs, CO

I suspect BYU and BSU will accept the invite to the Big East, perhaps on the same day. Not the perfect situation. However the re-alignment and super-conference talk is not going away. As a member of a BCS conference BYU and BSU have a better chance at remaining BCS or becoming a member or a super-conference in the future.

I worry about other teams and programs such as USU and Wyoming, etc.

Syracuse, ut

Do it BYU! MWC

Frisco, TX

I think the move to the Big East (Western Division) makes sense IF . . .

BSU, Houston, AFA, SMU join

BYU is able to retain its contract with ESPN and the rights to broadcast on BYUtv non-televised conference games and non-confererence home games

BYU is able to negotiate an "escape" clause, if the B.E. losses it's AQ status (if AQ is still relevant, see below), to leave without waiting 27 months or paying a penalty fee

The conference schedule includes only 8 games (all 5 teams from Western Division and 3 (alternating) from Eastern Division). Leaving BYU free to pick-up 4 or 5 (if 1 is Hawaii away) non-conference games. This would allow BYU to continue with 2 non-conference marquee match-ups like Notre Dame and Texas along with Utah, Utah State and Hawaii.

If the above conditions are not met, stay Indy!

My guess . . . within 2 years AQ status will be dead, replaced by Top 10 (or 12 if expanded) BCS ranked teams going to BCS bowls.

Go Cougs!

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

BYU left the MWC because they wanted something better.......sorry, I'm still praying they go to the Big East just so I can chuckle even more!!

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

BYU's credibility as an athletic program is on the line and they are scrambling for some semblance of legitimacy in football. Basketball's tournament system is acknowledged to be competency-based. Football's bowl system is clearly politically-based.

For BYU to compete in the BCS bowl system, they must do something far different from what they are clearly undertaking to do. Publicity on ESPN has clearly been a mixed bag for the Cougars. They laid a big egg against Utah and have played marginally on other occasions.

Recruits with the ability to turn heads nationally need better coaching than BYU can offer in football. Teams across the country are deeper than BYU. It takes just seven or eight guys to have a solid hoops squad. Football requires forty or fifty. BYU lacks the overall athleticism, but they also lack the ability to figure out a scheme in football that allows them to use the talent they have.

I gave up on BYU football more than a decade ago -- shortly after Sarkisian graduated. I still enjoy BYU hoops and I will always follow BYU sports with interest -- I just don't think their football team will ever do much anymore.

Denton, TX

The MWC should have stayed together, IMHO. With BYU, Utah, TCU, and Boise in the same conference they could have held their own against any BCS league, and after the Big East disintegrates, the MWC could be a BCS conference. It was all about the bad TV deal--if not for that they may have stayed together.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

@ Wayne Rout, CougarFaninTX, Spitvalve:

From your perspective, is the past history of SMU, (i.e. Death Penalty) a problem in any way for them.

SMU beat TCU on the field this year, but seems to be over looked by the BIG-12 as far as expansion is concerned.

Gifford VanBuren
Holladay, UT

Not a fan of having BSU as an annual rivalry game. We're 3-7 against Utah in the past 10 years and BSU is even better than them!!! Let's claim Air Force as the annual rival. 5-5 over 10 years is respectable.

Frisco, TX

@Billy Budd

SMU's previous transgressions that earned them the death penalty are not an issue for me. Justice was met, they paid their price.

The current administrators and coaches probably walk further from the line than most other programs.

They are a program on the rise. I'd love to see BYU play them in the Armed Forces bowl this year.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question.

Salt Lake City, UT

Kade Sybrowsky knows what he's talking about.


Answer to my prayers. The Big East, like the pioneers, has and will survive and prosper. Study the stars in the flag from when it hung tattered and torn to today. As a Big East fan I've counted several ends of the world.. Miami,Boston College, Va Tech, The world did not end and BC and Miami plunged into obscurity.Now the old money names of Pitt and Syracuse retiring to pasture.I was opposed to my Mountaineers bolting too. Its called panic. The Big 12 doesn't appeal to me. With Western buddies and a couple trips east, which BYU already scheduled with Ga Tech, Notre Dame and wVU, exposure in the Louisville, Cincy area and or Rutgers,birth place of college football. The venues in the Big East are equals to the Kansas schools, Ok State, Texas Tech, Wash State, both Oregons and Utah's. If BYU has the TV deal it wanted and Boise and Air Force are aboard, its a dandy and will succeed. Sorry, that sour grapes, 2nd choice stuff doesn't work wih me. Its time to cross the mountains again, Cougars. This with the rising sun.

Iowa City, IA

I seems to me this article could have easily appeared in "The Onion"...

Iowa City, IA

Thanks for walking around salt lake and finding ute fans to interview. I love Jacobs moral stance. Hey I know maybe Utah should have stayed in the MWC because they chose to help start the conference. They should live with their decision. Brilliant double standard.

Menifee, CA

I just read these forums to see the hate come out of the Utah fans. LOL...

Why do you hate BYU so much? I am in California so I really don't understand.

You guys should just be grateful you got lucky that we(Pac10) didn't get TX,OU,OSU,TTech and A&M to follow CU as we thought they would and had to grab anyone to try and save face.

La Grange, TN

Except for USC and Oregon or Stanford every ten years, the Pac 12 is not a strong conference. I am a native of California (UCLA GUY), and the Pac12 gets stomped just about everytime they get out of conference. Should BYU go to the Big East? If the Big East will change their name and get a decent logo for the conference YES! The teams in the Big East, overall, are just as strong as the Pac12. The BCS with all the heat they are getting from the US Congress right now wouldn't dare drop the Big East's AQ with Navy and Air Force in the conference. If the Pac12 won't accept any religious Universities, and the Big 12 insists that BYU play on Sunday, what options other than the Big East are there? I am more worried about the Super Conferences. When that happens BYU better already be in a AQ conference or they could get left out in the cold. Then what?

Bountiful, utah

The real question is whether BYU wants to participate in the post-season bowl picture or not- a big deal for recruiting and exposure. IMHO, BYU will never be a first tier powerhouse, because of internal rules vs recruiting the best athletes, and therefore independent status will definitely hinder their long term options. Big East, probably a decent fit with AFA and BSU in the mix, though Id rather be involved with the more regional PAC10 teams.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

BYU join BIG E/W only if -
1. Continue with their nice exposer (ESPN & BYUtv)
2. ND football joined as East team and BYU at West team and later championship game.
3. Extra Rivalries - Boise St, Air Force and possible ND
4. BYUtv to continue HD Truck when and if anything happens like they made it possible with Oregon St game.
5. ND will more likely will keep all their money when they play their bowl game (no splitting pies $$$$). BYU may not worry about that because we want EXPOSERS.
6. Doesn't matter if we travel to east coast to play foottball because we were going to do that as Independant anyway.
7. BCS will continue when renewed the contract because of ND.

BYU should not join the B.E. because ND may say "NO Thanks".

Santaquin, UT

If ND goes BEast, BYU should go with them---other than that BYU stays independent!

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