BYU football: A look at the Cougars' schedule and how their opponents fared

Published: Monday, Sept. 1 2014 1:02 a.m. MDT

BYU (1-0)

Date Opponent Result/Time (TV)

Aug. 29 at UConn Won, 35-10

Sept. 6 at Texas (5:30 p.m. MDT, Fox S 1)

Sept. 11 HOUSTON (7 p.m., MDT, ESPN)


Oct. 3 UTAH STATE (8:15 p.m. MDT, ESPN)

Oct. 9 at Central Florida (5:30 p.m., MDT, ESPN)

Oct. 18 NEVADA (TBA)

Oct. 24 at Boise State (7 p.m., MDT, ESPN)

Nov. 1 at Middle Tennessee (1:30 p.m., MDT, CBSS)

Nov. 15 UNLV (TBA)

Nov. 22 SAVANNAH STATE (1 p.m., MDT, BYUtv)

Nov. 29 at California (TBA)

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Houston lost to UTSA? Nevada barely beat SUU?
This schedule could be even worse than imagined.

Richfield, UT

@ uncle Rico:

Or it could be better. To make such a determination after the first week is extremely short-sighted. Even the utes beat their first game again. And they then usually end up with a losing season. Things change more after the first week than at any other time of the season. Teams are still finding their identities.

FYI: There are still a couple of Top-10 nationally ranked teams with similar or weaker SOS than BYU's. #77 out of 128 teams is pretty much in the middle segment, which is not so bad. So only another biased Ute fan would normally downplay things too much concerning BYU at this point. And 98% of those can and are taken with a grain of salt.

The only thing any team in the country can do at this point is play well, week by week, against whomever happens to be next on their schedule. Who that is is currently out of their control.

If the Cougars can cut back on their penalties, they will have an amazing season.

Mission Viejo, CA

UVA will be tougher than last year - UCLA lucked out in that game. UCF and Houston will be tough. Boise got drubbed by Ole Miss which is much better than when BYU played them. Utah State @ Tennessee was about what I expected. UT is tough at home.

But lets not get carried away by first game crazyness.

Says the Husky fan whose team sucked against Hawaii. Not pretty, but again, first game. And a W for UW.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

All BYU has to do is win out and hope for the best.
Taysom should be punting and doing kick-offs as well!

River Falls, WI

I agree with Rico that the schedule looks even worse than advertised... however, important to voters are the strength of the P5 teams on the schedule. Virginia, Cal, and Texas all look better than originally thought, definitely a bonus.

Wellsville, UT

Don't get too excited about the schedule. UCLA, the pride of the PAC 12, barely beat Virginia! Not saying Virginia is any good, but first games give us little information. I don't think Tenn. is a good as they looked, nor is USU as bad as they looked! Time will tell. I do predict an 11-1 season for the Cougars and if the beat Texas, a 12-0 season.

Spanish Fork, UT

Hey Sanefan... I just got back from the Founder's Day Parade, the picnic and that crazy Settlers and Indian raid nutiness. Best place to be for Labor Day is Wellsville. Long ride was worth it.

I suspect on the schedule that it is tough enough and easy enough. Tough enough at the start that if BYU actually plays well, they could beat Texas, Virginia, BSU, USU, and maybe CFU. I don't think Houston will be much and Virginia will be tougher than we expected. If we do well, then we'll be in the Top 15. The rest of the schedule should be easy enough to keep us from dropping out of the Top 20, but too easy to barely stay relevant.

The key is to keep doing well so that next year we have most of our squads back with good experience and a tough enough schedule that if we do well, we can be in the hunt for significance. Lots of ifs. Need a shirt to give the players "Stay Eligible my friend." No more actions worthy of suspensions.

Morgan, UT

Rock on.... was also in Wellsville this morning. Great time, great parade. Although the parade is definitely mid-major.

CO Ute


I agree with your comment but playing only 3 P5 teams is going to make it difficult to be seriously considered for the playoffs especially when Cal and Va are likely in the bottom half of their conference. SEC and Pac 12 each will get a team in. Big 10 likely as well. Leaves one spot open from the rest.

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